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Harley-Davidson “Motor Fashion”: From Kings of the Road to the Streets

An American company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harley-Davidson is best known for producing premium and high-performing motorcycles since 1903. For more than 100 years, Harley-Davidson bikes achieved such an iconic status, and owning a Harley has become a dream for serious motorcycle enthusiasts.

Motoring aficionado and Cebuano businessman, Regan King, is making these dreams come true for many Cebuano and Davaoeño Harley-Davidson fans as they can already get first dibs at the full lineup and the latest releases of power bikes and customization options from his Harley-Davidson of Cebu and Harley-Davidson of Davao local dealerships.

But did you know that apart from Harleys, these showrooms also carry a wide array of wearables and accessories from the legendary Harley-Davidson brand?

“The Runway, ” a virtual fashion show for a cause organized by the Harley-Davidson of Cebu and Harley-Davidson of Davao dealerships featuring members from the local chapters of the exclusive motorcycle community called H.O.G. (Harley-Davidson Owners Group) as models, recently showcased trendy “moto styles” from the Harley-Davidson fashion line.

Here are top styling tips on getting that edgy moto style and street style looks from Harley-Davidson – the king of the road.

1) Timeless: The Black Leather Jacket

Look crisp and sharp with a black leather jacket. | Contributed Photos

Much like the little black dress for women, the black leather jacket is a classic for men.

Although a bit difficult to pull-off in a tropical climate, a well-tailored and fit black leather jacket is a statement piece and a worthy investment as it never runs out of style. Gentlemen, step out with a crisp black leather jacket on your first date with your lady, and you’ll surely create a lasting impression!

2) Stylish and functional fashion accessories

With flexibility in style and function, Harley-Davidson’s apparel will allow you to choose when and how to wear it. | Contributed Photos

A Harley-Davidson accessory can easily accentuate your get-up for any day.

Multifunctional headwear is gender-neutral and can be styled in numerous ways. Wear it over your neck as a scarf in French tie or play with your hair and try a fifties knot or bun and even use it to accessorize your handbag. It can also be a stylish face mask!

Bored with a traditional belt? How about leather suspenders for a change? The classic gatsby look is already seeing a comeback in the latest fashion trends. With a Harley-Davidson leather suspender emblazoned with its distinctive logo, its casual wear with an attitude!

3) Sexy: Playfully show some skin, but you can cover up too!

You can never go wrong with a moto piece to bring out your sexy side. | Contributed Photos

They say if you’ve got it, flaunt it…

Or cover up with full arm-length clothing…

Either way, the clothes you put on your back should speak of who you are, and Harley-Davidson delivers the perfect style and comfort on and off the road.

A moto piece can easily accentuate your get-up for any day.

4) Moto Style and Pop Culture

Sport an effortless biker look with all-weather and authentic pieces from Harley-Davidson. | Contributed Photos

We all love to get inspiration from our favorite celebrities on the latest fashion trends.

A favorite among RnB artists, a fashion staple that you should own is a hoodie in neutral colors for an effortless and a more collected moto-look. Opt for a black leather vest for a rockstar look! Layering is a favorite among fashionistas. A hoodie or a leather vest pairs well with any basic tees, taking your casual look up a notch without breaking your budget.

Known for her whimsical outfits and colorful hair, Katy Perry donned a full moto-style gear while driving a Harley-Davidson bike in the music video, Harleys in Hawaii. Perhaps its now time to update your wardrobe and get that look as well?

5) Timeless pursuit of adventure and freedom for the soul

Harley-Davidson apparel is wearable everyday with a variety of mixed pieces available for everyone even your pets too! | Contributed Photos

Harley-Davidson is not just banking on the moto-style trend but puts authenticity first.

With various wearable styles, the brand’s apparel helps project your personality no matter what generation, culture, or gender group because heritage never goes out of style.

As any H.O.G. can attest to, Harley-Davidson is more than building bikes. The brand stands for the timeless pursuit of adventure and freedom for the soul, and that makes it highly inclusive.

Go check out Harley-Davidson of Cebu and Harley-Davidson of Davao on Facebook to view the complete Virtual Shopping Catalogue of Harley Davidson wearables.

A portion of their sales will be allocated to purchase:

  • Supplies for Frontliners in Talisay City
  • Bundles of Joy for COVID-19 affected areas of Mandaue City though the local government unit.
  • Bundles of Joy for a community of motorcycle taxi drivers or “habal-habal” drivers in Davao City.

Missed the virtual fashion show? Check out this link: The Runway!

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