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Filipiniana in the new norm made of used sack with fresh flowers by lady in Badian

Cabanit’s creative take on making her face mask and face shield stand out. | Contributed photo.


CEBU CITY, Philippines—  Everyone is starting to get accustomed to living in the new normal.

Just like this bag-maker in Barangay Bugas, Badian town in southern Cebu, who made a very vibrant Filipiniana dress with the use of fresh flowers and used sack and with a touch of the new normal, a face mask made of fresh flowers.

Abegail Cabanit, 42, explored her talent in sewing by doing something outside of her comfort zone.

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For years she has been sewing bags which she sells to support her two children.

And when the pandemic hit, she had to put her bag business on hold.

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So, she decided to enhance her sewing creativity skills by making what she calls “indigenous dresses.”

These dresses are made of used sacks, and fresh flowers or dried leaves, whatever she thinks works best.

Cabanit spent two days making the Filipiniana-inspired dress.

Aside from dresses, she also used her creativity in making her own face mask and face shield to stand out.

For now, Cabanit is just making these dresses for fun, but she hopes that someday she can earn by making these indigenous dresses.

Anameh, a friend of Cabanit models one of her Filipiniana-inspired creations.  | Contributed photos.

Anameh, a friend of Cabanit models one of her creations.  | Contributed photos.


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