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Foodsphere observes 45 years of championing family mealtimes

Meet the real CDO, Corazon D. Ong | Contributed Photo

For 45 years this June 25, CDO Foodsphere has been serving the Filipino through its nutritious, but affordable products. What started as a backyard business, which flourished from the desire of one housewife to provide better food to her children and to help her neighbors earn a living, is now a multi billion-peso business that helps families and communities nationwide.

Its founder, Mrs. Corazon Dayro Ong is a nutritionist-dietitian. With her education, experience and ingenuity, she was able to develop products that became a Filipino household staple for over four decades. This year, the company that she and her husband Jose de Jesus Ong started in 1975 continue to influence the lives of many families by bringing them together around the dining table and in family gatherings.

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With the life-changing events of 2020, this has become one of the challenges at the present time, given their strong family ties and desire for social interaction. However, in its 45th year, CDO Foodsphere remains committed to its purpose. As it marks a new milestone in its history, CDO in the midst of these challenges, chooses to stand up for the meaningful mealtimes that families deserve.

The Company’s history is filled with victories over challenges that tried their resilience over time. Nevertheless, 45 years after being nurtured by Pepe and Cora Ong, CDO has now grown tremendously, with over 15 brands that are either category leaders or major challengers in the food industry. The husband-and-wife tandem has delivered amazing creations, and laid down the foundations of one of the country’s leading food manufacturers.

The new CDO logo | Contributed Photo

To celebrate their anniversary, CDO Foodsphere now unveils something new for the company – a new look, a new brand, represented by a new logo. The new logo was thoughtfully conceptualized, to represent the elements of what CDO as a company stands for – and that is bringing meaningful mealtimes to families, here and abroad.

This new mark connects the generations of Filipinos who have enjoyed CDO products for almost half a century now. At the same time, it reminds us of the promises that every product deliver – good, nutritious and affordable meals.

“We are here for the Filipino family,” says Jerome D. Ong, CDO President & CEO, “we are staying true to our promise and we will continue what our founders have started in 1975. We will continue to inspire Filipinos through the stories of our parents, Pepe and Cora Ong and we will pursue with passion their desire to help every family through food.”

The new emblem uses the elements of a family platter, surrounded by a fluid illustration of a spoon and fork that surrounds the platter – truly a strong visual hold for the Company Mission, which is to “champion mealtimes and unite families through food that calls them home.”

Happy 45th Anniversary, CDO Foodsphere!

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