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Teachers in Tisa create FB page for co-worker suffering from breast cancer

Teachers and friends of Marife Cedron have created a Facebook page appealing for donations for Cedron's medications.

A screen shot photo of the post of Cedron on the page.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Every peso counts.

This is the online plea of the friends and family of public school teacher Marife Cedron,42, who is suffering from stage four breast cancer.

Cedron has been suffering from breast cancer for a year and now needs help more than ever.

Leading her fellow teachers to create a Facebook page called “Your Peso, Save Maam Cab-Cedron’s Life.”

This page was made and manage by her colleagues from Tisa National High School.

Gilbert Tumalon Tito, Roy Anduyan, and Elena Gomez knew that they had to step up when they saw her condition last August 25, in her home.

“We have seen her pain and difficulty,” said Tito.

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So they have decided to make their plea public with the consent of Cedron who asked them to help her make her plea to the public for her medications for her fast recovery.

“She wants to extend her life for her four-year-old daughter and she informed me also that she is ready to ask help from the public,” he added.

Since they created the page in the last week of August, they have already received an ample amount of money that can help Cedron and her family.

The page encourages everyone to donate any amount for Cedron.

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“We named the page in such a way because we want to let people know that any amount will do even a single one peso coin,” he said.

Cebu, let’s pray for another miracle and join in helping to raise funds for Cedron’s medical expenses especially now during these trying times.

Donation details are all posted on the Facebook page, “Your Peso, Save Maam Cab-Cedron’s Life.”/dbs

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