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‘Silog’ breakfast meals that are Pinoy favorites

Don’t you just miss waking up to the sound of your mom making breakfast?

The smell of sinangag, fried eggs, and coffee wafting your senses as you rise from your sleep? Or the lively morning conversations with your family as you dine to the first full meal of the day?

All of these remind most of us of a time in the past when life was carefree and simple.

That being said, it’s the traditional Pinoy breakfast that gets us off the bed and on the go as we start the day feeling motivated.

When talking about Pinoy breakfast, it’s not about the cereals, waffles, and oatmeals that we usually see in the movies. It’s the hearty meal that consists of longganisa, tocino, sinangag, eggs, with hot cocoa or coffee that makes Pinoys love their breakfast.

And as it’s hailed as the most important meal of the day, lots of dishes are prepped and it takes time to finish cooking. From frying rice to brewing hot cocoa or coffee, it’s these full-blown breakfast meals that give Filipinos their needed energy that could fuel their day.


A photo of a Longsilog Meal

Orange Brutus Longsilog Meal | Contributed Photo

Short for longganisa (filipino sausage), sinangag (fried rice), and itlog (egg), Longsilog is a classic Filipino combo meal that’s both flavorful and filling. The sausage, usually made with pork and stuffed in pork intestine lining, can be considered as a heavy meal for some. Though the spices and the flavors of a Longganisa vary from region to region, they all share the same characteristics – it’s chunky, fatty, and delicious to the taste. The dish is best enjoyed if it’s slightly cooked to a crisp.


A photo of a Tosilog Meal

Orange Brutus Tosilog Meal | Contributed Photo

With the usual sinangag and itlog, a Tosilog’s main component is the tocino. Traditionally prepared with pork, occasionally with beef or chicken, tocino is a sweet-cured meat that is rooted from Spain and is the Filipino counterpart to bacon. The meat doused in different spices and seasonings creates a marinade that when cooked, caramelizes on the outside of the tocino, giving it a glorious glaze that can leave you wanting for more.


A photo of a Hotsilog meal

Orange Brutus Hotsilog Meal | Contributed Photo

Another ‘silog’ meal that is frequently expected to make an appearance at a Pinoy breakfast table is the Hotsilog. With the red juicy hotdog served as the meat component for this silog, Hotsilog is considered as a kid’s favorite.  Who doesn’t like hotdogs, especially if it’s paired with banana ketchup? No wonder Filipino kids get excited over a Hotsilog.


A photo of a Chosilog meal

Orange Brutus Chosilog Meal | Contributed Photo

Similar looking to longganisa, Chorizo is a type of Filipino pork sausage known for its savory flavor and tender texture. While chorizos are usually spherical in shape due to the meat being stuffed in intestine lining, there are some in the market that are made without the casing. It can either be fried or grilled and the glaze that oozes out of the chorizo when cooked is best eaten with garlic fried rice.

If you’re craving for the feeling of home when eating a traditional Pinoy breakfast meal but don’t have the time to prepare for one, you’re in luck because you can have your breakfast delivered right at your doorstep.

Available for deliveries, Cebu’s first favorite, Orange Brutus, offers a selection of breakfast meals that is suited to every Cebuano’s taste.

Start your day with their Longganisa, Tocino, Chorizo, and Hotdog meals, and choose either a hot chocolate, hot coffee, or a 12 ounce drink to complement your breakfast.

Order your breakfast meal via foodpanda or GrabFood or call their delivery hotline number 422-8000. For more details inquiries you can visit their official Facebook page or their website.


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