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Philippine festivals looks’ video spreads good vibes online


CEBU CITY, Philippines— The Philippines is the land of colorful and meaningful festivals that have been known worldwide.

Yes, worldwide.

People from different countries and races come to join in celebrating our festivities that we take pride in.

So as a reminder of some of our beautiful festivals, Hueben Kang, a Cebu-based science computer student, made a video showing the different looks of these Pinoy festivals.

Kang, who hails from Surigao and does makeup videos on his social media accounts, wanted to highlight the beautiful mardi gras looks in the Philippines to show a little positivity online.

He initially wanted to do a video highlighting the dialects in the country but found it hard to do with makeup.

So he made his makeup series based on the Philippine Festivals, like Pintados, Masskara, Ati-Atihan, Panagbenga, Sinulog, and Bonok-Bonok.

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The intention was clear, to highlight the beautiful colors and festivals in the Philippines and to spread good vibes online while battling this pandemic.

“As a Filipino myself, I am more than proud to showcase how colorful and extravagant our culture in the Philippines is. Our country and the people have so much to offer. The talent and ingenuity are so underrated at times. I took note of the fact that I may have audiences on social media who are not Filipinos,” he added.

Let’s take a look at the video he created that gained so much attention online.

Video of festivals by student in Cebu

WATCH: Hueben Kang, a 19-year-old Cebu-based college student, gives us a glimpse of the different Philippine festivals in a video which he posted on his Facebook page on September 11, 2020.Let’s enjoy these amazing festivals! Thank you Hueben! | Contributed video via Immae Lachica #CDNDigital

CDN Digital 發佈於 2020年9月12日 星期六

If you want to see more of Kang’s creativity and talent you can follow him on his Instagram account @hueben.kang.

We’ll be waiting for more creations, Hueben! Piliin mo ang Pilipinas, indeed! /dbs

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