People we need to cut off from our lives


CEBU CITY, Philippines— We meet a lot of people in our lives.

Some are worth keeping while others are not.

Cutting certain people off our lives may sound a little harsh. But trust that by doing this, you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve.

Here are some of the people you may need to say “adios” to:


Those who keep on telling you lies, they don’t deserve a spot in your life. Let them go. You don’t need people constantly feeding you lies because someday, it’ll come haunting you, too. So, let these lairs go.

Jealous ones

Jealousy is a trait we all should not entertain. So if you feel like certain people in your life get jealous easily of your achievements or somebody else’s, it’s time to cut them off. Being jealous can lead to pretending to be someone better or someone you are not. You don’t want that in your life, do you?

Debbie downer

These are those who inject negative things to almost everything. These are the type of people who always has something negative to say just to make you feel less happy. Not good. These people need to know that being optimistic is way better than being a Debbie Downer.

Those who take advantage

They will message you and praise you if they need something in return from you. So toxic. These people only see you when they need you. So if you feel like some of the people from your circle are this type, slowly fade away and  say bye to these people.

Fake supportive ones

They say they support you but when you finally get to achieve something, they say that you did it because of luck and not because of hard work. They will “support” you when you are still struggling but when you reach something in life, they will look at it in a wrong way. So, if you through with this kind of drama, simply cut them off.

Cutting people off from our lives may be one of the toughest things to do but it could also be one of the healthiest things we can do for our well-being.

So don’t let the guilt get through you when you try and cut people off. Put your peace of mind first above anybody else. /bmjo

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