Safe and creative dining experience await at SM Malls

By: - October 03, 2020

In the wake of the global health crisis, there has been a drastic change in everyone’s dining experiences at malls.

That’s why in time of the new normal, SM malls have been creative with coming up with fun and innovative themes for their designated dining areas to give their shoppers a good time while dining with their friends and family.

There is also no need to worry about the idea of eating out as dine-in services at SM malls continue to encourage safe malling protocols for their shoppers who would want to visit the mall to satisfy their food cravings.

Check out these themed dining areas at an SM mall near you that are too unique to ignore.

Dine with dinosaurs at SM Seaside City Cebu

Dinosaurs might seem scary and intimidating due to its enormous size, but most people still find themselves fascinated with dinosaurs of all kinds.

So if you have an undying love for dinosaurs or you’re just curious about the hype surrounding the giants, go visit SM Seaside City Cebu to witness the life-sized ancient reptiles up close.


From the ever notable Tyrannosaurus Rex to the charming baby Triceratops, they are displayed on the designated dining area at the Mountain Wing of SM Seaside City Cebu for shoppers to enjoy a fun malling and dining experience.

Have a Sweet Escape at SM City Cebu

Planning for a short escape from the four corners of your home after months of being quarantined? You’re in luck because SM City Cebu has transformed their dining area into a Candy Land with gigantic cupcakes and incredibly sweet designs and decor for shoppers to enjoy.


Called Sweet Escape, visit their candy-themed dining area, located at the Lower Ground Level, Main Mall of SM City Cebu, that is sure to indulge everyone with a sweet tooth with sugary goodness.

Enjoy the company of cuddly pets at SM City Consolacion

When it comes to dining out, the new norm encourages everyone to practice social distancing.

To make sure that shoppers follow social distancing norms while dining at the mall, SM City Consolacion has introduced a creative and unique concept to keep customers apart while eating out.


Enjoy the company of cute and friendly pets while dining at the Mall Atrium of SM City Consolacion’s Animal Park.

These cuddly cutouts are placed to appear as if the adorable creatures are dining with the shoppers. The set-up will not only prevent customers from breaking social distancing regulations but will also provide shoppers with lovable and endearing neighbors to dine with.

Dine your to-go meals and capture your snaps for Instagram with your friends and family, while being socially distant, at SM’s fun and colorful designated dining areas up until December 2020.

For updates and inquiries, you may reach SM Supermalls through their contact number and social media:

SM Seaside City Cebu
Trunkline: (032) 340 8735
Facebook: SM Seaside City Cebu (Official)
Instagram: @smseasidecitycebu
Twitter: @smseasidecebu

SM City Cebu
Trunkline: (032) 231 0557
Facebook: SM City Cebu (Official)
Instagram: @smcitycebuofficial
Twitter: @smcebuofficial

SM City Consolacion
Trunkline: (032) 260 0136
Facebook: SM City Consolacion (Official)
Instagram: @smconsolacion
Twitter: @smconsolacion

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