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Someday someone will walk into your life and…



CEBU CITY, Philippines– In life, we question a lot of things.

Things like why can we not get into a long-lasting relationship. But as most of us tend to lose patience, remember this, good things come to those who wait.

Someday someone will walk into your life and…

Change the way you see things— knowing someone who can help you realign your life makes life even more worth living. You get to see the other side of life that has been blocked by your anxiety and pain.

Makes you feel secure— one day a person will come walking into your life and make your heart rest easy.

Makes time for you— making time for you does not necessarily mean spending so much time together. It just means that someone will be willing to schedule their time and set their priorities to include you just to give you the time you need and deserve.

Helps you grow— some relationships fail because they don’t help each other, rather, they compete with each other. One day you will be able to meet that person who will be your cheerleader no matter the weather.

Adores you— one day a person will adore you for you and that will be the most rewarding feeling you can get coming from someone you have been waiting for for years.

Patience is one of the best keys to happiness in life.

Don’t rush things, let things, or in this situation, let that someone find you and walk into your life bringing nothing but love and happiness. /rcg

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