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Christmas gatherings under the new normal



CEBU CITY, Philippines— Colder nights are here as the season of Christmas has officially started.

Hello, December!

As Filipinos, we always get a little giddy for the holidays.

Among the top reasons for this is because of family gatherings.

But this year, things are different due to the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But don’t be sad! You can still spend some time with your family this holiday using the new normal set-up.

Here are some of the ways:

Drive-thru celebrations

This works especially if you are living with elder people in your homes. Honk your horns or park them at a safe distance from everyone and get to see your family from a distance. We all know that their happy faces will still radiate even if you are not that close to them.

Skip the “x”

In malls and in public places,  we see this warning. Let’s do this in our homes too as we make our gatherings quick and safe this season by implementing guidelines we see in public places inside our homes. Place an “x” mark in some places such as chairs on the dining table to create some distance and you’re good to go!

Online gathering

The safest of them all! A little sacrifice will go a long way. So set up that big screen in your living room and eat as a family virtually this holiday season.

Phone calls

Let us go old school, but a safe kind of old school. Give your family members a ring on the holidays and talk for as long as you want. Spread love during the holidays through meaningful phone calls.

Care packages

Sending out packages and gifts to your family during the holidays will replace the traditional exchanging of gifts face to face. It’s still fun though. This will not only give your family members smiles but will surely add to their beautiful memories of how this year’s holiday season turned out for the better.

This holiday season, it pays to be cautious, especially around our loved ones. Wear your mask, practice physical distancing and do your part during the holidays.

What’s important is that the celebration–in whatever way–is still there.


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