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Chateau by the Sea gives the word service a new and exciting meaning

By: - December 11, 2020

Without a doubt, this global health crisis has severely impacted the hospitality industry and hasled hotels and resorts to effect countermeasures to adapt to the “New Normal” way of living.

From changing the way to do dining, to the resorts’; way of providing service— ensuring the health and wellbeing of guests is now the top priority.

As infection rates have decreased, local resorts including Chateau by the Sea have revamped their services in preparation for the influx of guests who are most eager to unwind and connect with nature, something the pandemic has denied from them.


In Punta Engaño, a glass-wrapped structure shimmers as the sea casts the sun’s reflection on its beautifully adorned edifice.

Known to be Mactan’s premier events venue for five years, Chateau by the Sea sees an opportunity to reimagine its services, reinventing it as a “Premium Boutique Resort” where world-class service comes hand in hand with customer satisfaction at its core.

One of the 14 rooms where guests can stay and relax at Chateau by the Sea.

“These past few months have allowed us to recalibrate and refresh all our services to suit the needs of our clients, all while paying respect to their health and safety,” said Gerra Lizares, the resort’s operations manager.

From being an avenue for celebrations, one can now actually do more and experience Chateau by The Sea unlike any other.

“The place was already given, and the pandemic has presented an opportunity for us to grow as a brand and expand our service thanks to the help of the owner Nonie Uy, and the entire management,” said Lizares.

With the revamp, guests can now stay in their 14 spacious rooms, have breakfast, lunch, or dinner at their in house restaurant, or have coffee at the Waves Restaurant while gazing over the turquoise waters of the Mactan Channel.


Chateau by the Sea offers everyday Filipino food coupled with a select lineup of delectable international dishes provides more options for its discriminating in-house guests.

Previously, a catering service needs to be outsourced, now, its restaurant can accommodate banquet meals and dinning customers how wish to taste their menu.

Guests are also given the freedom to customize their experience while they are staying inside the resort.

“Meaning, if you want us to set up your breakfast, lunch, or dinner anywhere you want, we will do it for you,” added Lizares

Its modern take on everyday Filipino food coupled with a select lineup of delectable international dishes provides more options for its discriminating in-house guests.


While the health and satisfaction of their guests is the top concern, visitors will have peace of mind the moment they step inside the property as health protocols are also stringently being followed.

Its customized type of service puts Chateau by the Sea at the head of its game, ensuring health and safety for its guests, all the while giving them privacy and peace of mind- something vacationers aim for when traveling or relaxing.

“This type of “customized” services allows our guests to experience our new kind of service… If they want us to cook them adobo for breakfast, we will do it for them or have their dinner elsewhere, we can do it…” explained Lizares.

Savor the view of Olanggo Island as it sits on the turquoise waters of the Mactan Channel

Although unique to many, Chateau by the Sea’s customized service ensures the continuous observance of social distancing measures and other health protocols mandated by the government in areas most frequented by guests.

This level of personalization gives the word service a new and deeper meaning and provides a stronger connection to its guests and staff, giving them an unforgettable experience from arrival to departure.

As they stay connected to the community’s culture of hospitality, Chateau by the Sea is committed to bringing Cebuano families even closer through their service that is purposely designed for everyone.

“Service is our main product, but what we want is to serve the people, how they want us to serve them,” said Lizares.

All this lush greenery and the amazing view of the Mactan Channel is all yours only at Chateau by the Sea.

“Service in this time, especially for our industry, is very crucial now and plays a big part in the community, and with Chateau by the Sea’s new brand of service, this puts a whole new level of experience for our guests— a total vacation feel,” Lizares explained.

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