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Dessert ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth and complete your Christmas feast

By: - December 11, 2020

’Tis the season to be jolly, indeed, as various food will soon be filling our tables this coming Noche Buena. Just as you thought that you had your fill from your Christmas dinner, we are never truly full without indulging ourselves with some sweets. 

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, desserts are important to have at a Christmas celebration. 

From cookies to doughnuts and cakes, here are some unique Christmas Dessert ideas to complete your Christmas feast. 

Waterfront’s Cookie Pizza

Waterfront’s EPIC-uliar Cookie Pizza | Contributed Photo

Everyone loves pizza. That is why we are convinced that almost anything is better in pizza-form, including desserts. So for the pizza lovers with a sweet tooth, you will surely enjoy Waterfront’s EPIC-uliar Cookie Pizza. This leveled-up dessert will sweeten your Holiday with its scrumptious cookie crust, topped with melted chocolate sauce, and other delicious sweet treats. 

Marco Polo’s Festive Cupcakes 

Marco Polo’s Festive Cupcakes | Contributed Photo


They say that good things come in small packages. That’s why bite-sized treats, like Marco Polo’s festive cupcakes, are a must-have in this holiday celebration. Sure, they may sometimes be outshined by a grand looking cake, but a delicious Christmas cupcake can offer plenty of festive flavors and decadent frosting. 

Bakery Boutique’s Milk Cheese Donuts

Bakery Boutique’s Milk Cheese Donut | Contributed Photo

Tired of the typical sweet treats on the Christmas table?  Then the Bakery Boutique’s Milk Cheese Donut might be the dessert that you’re looking for. It’s a unique donut made with everyone’s favorite ingredients – milk, cheese, and powdered sugar. It is indulgently sweet and cheesy and is perfect for everyone’s palate. 

Orange Brutus’ Chocolate Monster Cake

Orange Brutus’ Chocolate Monster Cake | Contributed Photo

One can never go wrong with a slice of “Cebu’s first favorite” Chocolate Monster Cake. The Orange Brutus’ classic chocolate cake is known for its fudgy and moist texture, filled with delicious custard and covered with thick chocolate frosting. This fan-favorite chocolate cake never goes out of style and will satisfy your chocolate cravings this holiday season. 

Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop’s Special Cookies

Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop’s Special Cookies | Contributed Photo

They say that Santa Claus enjoys a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. So, in time of Santa Claus’ yearly visit, surprise him with some of Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop’s Special Cookies on your Christmas table. It is perfect for the family to enjoy and offers five varieties to choose from – Butter, Chocolate Almond, Earl Grey, Walnut Snowball Cookies, and Lengua Butter Cookies. 

The Chocolate Chamber’s Mini Cakes

The Chocolate Chamber’s Mini Cakes | Contributed Photo

There is no such thing as too much chocolate, even in a Christmas feast. So if you want to indulge in some chocolate-goodness, you will surely want to try the mini-cakes at The Chocolate Chamber. They have four variations – the Tablea Old-Fashioned, Chocolate con Corazon, Moist, and Founder’s Cakes. Serious chocoholics will find themselves wanting more when they taste the delight in these chocolate treats. 

10 Dove Street’s Christmas Cinnamon Choco

10 Dove Street’s Christmas Cinnamon Choco | Contributed Photo

If you want something new from the typical chocolate cake, then you should try 10 Dove Street’s Christmas Cinnamon Choco! The cake is moist and light, added with a dash of cinnamon and is filled and frosted with chocolate fudge and cream. This cake is hard to resist this Christmas season due to its cinnamon spice that is perfectly in tune with the cooler months. /dbs

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