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Mantras to get you by when feeling stressed out



CEBU CITY, Philippines— Stressed?

In our day and age, stress has become part of our daily lives.

Yes, it has become part of us but that does not mean this should take a toll on us.

To experience stress is normal, but to live with stress is not. So, let these anti-stress mantras help you.

Read on.

“I deserve to rest”

No matter the situation and no matter the deadline, you deserve to take a pause in life. Rest if you must. Reset and realign things. You deserve to recharge and take care of yourself.

“I can say no”

Saying no from time to time is a good thing, especially if you feel like this will help you out. Be that person to never be afraid to say no, for your own feelings and safety.

“Breathe in and out”

Remember, breathing is the most powerful tool you can do to fight stress. Breathing out the negativity and breathing in positivity and strength is power.

“I can rest and settle my thoughts”

When you feel like you are already at a crossroad, tell yourself that you and only you can settle that chaos in your mind. Take a break and remind yourself that what you think and gravitate to, will happen.

“I appreciate me”

There is no one in this world that can appreciate your efforts more than you do. Repeat this mantra if you feel so overwhelmed with life. You are doing great, keep going.

Stress will always be there, but these mantras will help you forget or move on from what has been bothering you from time to time.

Repeat these mantras and let your mind take you to a better place.


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