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Things that make young adults happy

CEBU CITY, Philippines– Do you enjoy simple things like staying in for the night?

Don’t be shocked because it could be possible that the things we saw our elders enjoy when we were young may be the things most young adults are enjoying nowadays.

We millennials used to ridicule our elders for loving to stay home for the night rather than painting the town red. But you, as a young adult, may be enjoying this now too.

Here are other things that make young adults happy:

Canceling plans or canceled plans

Remember when we were younger, we get so disappointed with canceled plans. But now, as we grow older, we get to release a big sigh of relief as we get to just lounge in our homes and binge watch videos online.

Writing with a nice pen

Yes, as simple as this,  young adults like you and me get giddy over a pen. We get happy with a new pen even if we seldom use them nowadays. LOL

New sheets and curtains

Before, we used to get so grumpy when our parents take us to the home depot or to call us for help in changing the sheets and curtains. Now, we get so happy over these things, because it somehow helps us relax after a day’s work.

Morning coffee

Even for just a few minutes spent in the morning drinking coffee and just enjoying it, we get extra happy to go on with our day.

Using an organizer or a planner

Doodling out plans or scratching out plans, either way, having these two make us young adults feel like we actually have our life plans in place.

Scented candles, diffusers, or sages are everything

Anything that can help us clear our minds are a thing now, don’t you agree?

These are just some of the things we get to enjoy now, which we didn’t really enjoy doing years ago. Don’t be shy if you love doing these things. Take pride of it and accept that we all have to be mature and choose the quiet side of life as we age.



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