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What Sinulog 2021 was missing


Here’s one of the fireworks photos of Lemuel Montejo taken during last year’s Sinulog celebrations.

CEBU CITY, Philippines — A week after what could have been the busiest weekend in Cebu due to the Sinulog festivities, Cebu faced one of the major changes that the pandemic brought to all our tables.

The Sinulog 2021 was celebrated quietly in our homes where we are all safe from the coronavirus.

This changed the whole dynamics for the month of January for Cebuanos and tourists alike.


Because these things were missing:

Religious activities— from the fluvial procession to the foot procession to the physical Mass celebrations, everything was canceled to keep everyone safe from the virus and to prevent it from spreading.

Street dancing— with no drums blasting, yells from the dancers, and the admiring claps of the audience, the streets were empty this year as if it was the Holy Week. No cheering, no nights and days of rigorous training for the dancers. No mayhem on the streets.

Parties— from street parties to home parties to big public parties celebrated in Cebu during the Sinulog weekend, there was no EDM or Sinulog music blasting from a certain place, no crowding, no nothing. Just an eerie silence.

Firework displays— this could have been one of the best days to look up at the sky and be awed by some amazing fireworks display from all over Cebu. That too was missing.

Grand performances— Sinulog Sunday is usually celebrated with dances from contingents around Cebu and even from far-flung provinces showcasing their performances and their “panaad” for the Holy Child Jesus.

Sinulog 2021 was indeed celebrated differently, and along with it, it changed the faith of the devotees.

The faith grew stronger and hopeful than ever.

Viva Pit Señor! /rcg

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