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Gonzaga sisters did ‘it’ in Amanpulo

Photo courtesy of Alex Gonzaga’s Youtube vlog.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— In the latest vlog of actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga, she was joined by her brother-in-law Paul Soriano, sister, Toni Gonzaga, and husband Mikee Morada for a fun game of “Never have I ever.”

For almost 15 minutes, the couples answered daring and funny questions thrown by Alex.

The first question was “Never have I ever nagkagusto sa ka-love team o katrabaho ko.”

To which the Sorianos and the Moradas  answered “I have.”

After a few more questions and revelations by the couples, one question made a mark on the netizens.

Never have I ever did it in Amanpulo.”

The Sorianos answered “I have” followed by Toni’s explanation, “Dun kami nag honeymoon, eh.”

Being the Alex that she is, she did not back down and answered, “I have” to which her husband, Mikee seconded.

“Same goes to us,” jokes Alex.

Another question that has gotten the people abuzz was when Alex asked if have they ever tried turning down or rejecting their partner’s invitation to get intimate in bed.

Alex and Mikee got married in November of last year and were able to vacation in Amanpulo earlier this year together with Alex and Toni’s family. /rcg

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