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Kendall Jenner sizzles in hot underwear photos

CEBU CITY, Philippines– Seeing the Kardashian-Jenner ladies in skimpy clothing or swimwear is nothing new to us.

But even so, netizens still get excited when the ladies post something that would make most of their followers want to be them.

In this case, the supermodel of the clan, Kendall Jenner wowed everyone with her toned body as she posts behind the scenes photos of their skims photoshoot.

Skims is loungewear, underwear, and shapewear created by her sister Kim Kardashian.

In the photos, Jenner showed her toned and supermodel body wearing only two-piece underwear in flaming red for their campaign.

Jenner posted the photos on her Instagram 12 hours ago with the caption “vday is coming 💗 BTS from @skims.” 

In just a matter of hours, “Kendall” trends on Twitter.


And comments in her posts were overwhelming, one comment coming from her self-made billionaire younger sister, Kylie Jenner said, “perf.”

What do you think of Kendall Jenner’s smoking hot shoots and toned body? /rcg

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