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I am a single mother and I rock

CEBU CITY, Philippines— She is a  single mom and that’s okay.

This Women’s Month let’s empower women who strive hard to live two lives just to raise their kids right.

To the woman who is a father and a mother all at the same time, you are strong and beautiful.

If you need a few reminders to get you through the day, read on.

Knowing your limits— nothing is more beautiful than knowing how you can stand on your own two feet, let alone making a living for your tiny humans. If you are a single mom, you work to make ends meet and then you sit and realize how amazing you have been making it work all by yourself.

You get breaks— you may not want them but you need them and with that, you can take breaks when the kids are off to somewhere with their grandparents or friends. You get to do you.

Time with kids— nothing beats having to spend the time with your kids all to yourself. This allows you to create an amazing bond with them the way you want it to be.

Always has the say— you are the authority and you can control the decision-making for as long as you like. You get to make sure your kids are well and that you are not making them feel too naive to see the real world.

You inspire others— by making ends meet and by showing your love for your children the best way you do, you inspire others to be as independent and strong and loving as you are.

Being a single mother is not something to be ashamed of. It is something to be proud of. /rcg

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