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At the beach but don’t feel like swimming? Here are some things you can do by the beach


Bantayan Island. | Chris Mahilum

CEBU CITY, Philippines–  Going to the beach is always a good idea.


There are a lot of things one can do when hitting the beach even during those times when you’re not in the mood to get wet.

Yes, that is right and this may not be news to many but let us remind you of all the beautiful things one can do by the beach.

Ready? Here we go.

Read a book— the beach offers some soothing sound that one can really use to focus on reading something. It may be a novel, a medical book, or something that’s more light, but the beach can be your perfect avenue for escaping reality and diving into countless adventures while reading your book.

Working on your tan-– not everyone wants white and pale skin, some of us want a little color. The beach is the best place for that! You don’t only get to enjoy the sun and your tan, you also get to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing to the shore as you lay there.

Play sports— there are a lot of beach sports to choose from, you can either play volleyball, soccer, frisbee and a lot more. The beach offers something that’s more than just a place to lounge around, it is the perfect space for you to get your feet on the sand and get some action done.

Meditate— nothing beats making use of the tranquil sound brought about by the waves and the fresh air by the sea. Take time to relax and breathe in the good stuff.

Sleep-– this may be an understatement but it is one of the best things to do by the beach if you don’t feel like taking a dip. There’s something about the beach that makes everyone feel comfortable and want to sleep for some good reason.

Take photos and videos— the beach is always a picturesque place to be. Snap some shots to remember its stunning beauty. Post it online or share it with us, you’ll never know if you get features, you know.

Bantayan Island. | Chris Mahilum

We are lucky to have many wonderful beaches surrounding us, and as we lounge and marvel at their beauty, let us always remember to take good care of them and not abuse their beauty and abundance. /rcg


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