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Sustainable ways to power your home

By: - March 26, 2021

What is renewable energy?

The sources of renewable energy are sustainable, these are something that can’t run out, or is endless, like our sun.

Sometimes you’ll hear this as ‘alternative energy’ and it usually refers to the sources of renewable energy.

Renewable energy or green and clean energy is power that is generated from natural sources, like the sun, wind, biomass and water.

Unlike traditional sources of energy from fossil fuels such as coal and oil, renewable energy can help us fight climate change and help clean the air we breathe.

Aside from that, investing in renewable energy is one of the best ways to cut your monthly bills on electricity.

Learn more about renewable energy and the leading sustainable ways to power your home.

Rooftop Solar Panels

We have been utilizing solar energy for a long time, we use it to grow our crops, stay warm and dry food to preserve them.

Usually solar panels are attached on the roof to collect solar power, but some individuals also install them in their backyard.

Solar panels are one of the leading ways to save on your electricity bills and use sustainable energy. | CDN File Photo

Depending on the latitude and the orientation of the panels, one can generate 10 or more watts per square foot.

One house normally consumes at least a kilowatt of power, so a few square feet of solar panels should be enough to power most or all of our electricity needs.

Wind Turbines

Although wind turbines are commonly found in wind farms or floating offshore, a smaller wind turbine can be installed on your property if you have enough space.

Wind power was found out to be more stable than solar energy, depending on your area.

Wind Turbines are not only for farms or wide fields. You can try to experiment using wind to power your home. | CDN File Photo

In areas with the right amount of wind, a usual wind turbine can power your entire property easily and generate most or all of your electricity needs.

Hydro Power

Utilize the stream or river flowing through your property and make use of hydroelectricity for your home.

As long as the stream or river flows, hydroelectric power offers an eco-friendly energy for your home that requires no fuel to turn water into usable energy.

It costs very little to use and the only issue is the diversion of water to your generator.

A hydroelectric power source is a great investment and you will be relying on your own green source of energy. | CDN File Photo

So you might have to call in an expert to help you power your home with hydroelectricity.

Like wind turbines, a hydroelectric power source is a great investment. You will be relying on your own green source of energy.

Biomass systems

Renewable energy derived from biomass is called Bioenergy.

Biomass is any organic matter that comes from living plants and organisms like wood pellets, chips, or logs.

There are different methods available to generate energy through biomass. This can be done by burning or harnessing methane gas which is produced by the natural decomposition of organic materials in ponds or even landfills.

Biomass is any organic matter that comes from living plants and organisms. | CDN File Photo

Lower carbon emissions are produced of heating biomass compared to fossil fuels like coal and oil.

Wood burned in these systems only emits as much carbon as the tree absorbed during the months and years that it was growing.

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps are a form of renewable energy system that uses the heat from the outside air to provide you with heating and hot water.

This clean and eco-friendly source of heating is virtually silent when operating. | CDN File Photo

It similarly works like a fridge but in reverse. This clean and eco-friendly source of heating is virtually silent when operating. /rcg


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