Nova Abaniel on making music during quarantine

By: - April 30, 2021

One year into the new normal and the pandemic still continues to wreak havoc in the music industry.

With public gatherings curtailed and audiences isolating at home, canceled music tours and events have exposed musicians and performers to uncertainties on how to continue their passion and earn their keep each day.

Like many musicians, Viva recording artist Nova Abaniel, is doing the best that she can to pursue her love for making music in the new normal.

Abaniel shared to CDN Digital that while producing music and promoting her songs are a challenge in a time of the pandemic, it is her passion in expressing her thoughts and emotions through music that kept her going.

“Music is where I express my thoughts and emotions and I get the feeling of satisfaction when someone appreciates or tells me that they felt my song,” she said.

The Bisaya artist also explained how technology was able to help her stay connected with her audiences even in this drastic time.

“The biggest challenge is not being able to promote my songs that much compared to pre-covid times where I can promote and perform my songs during events and gigs. But we’re fortunate enough because of the technology, we are able to still promote our music through social media platforms and reach people from different places,” she added.

The process of producing and making music may have been a challenge, but it did not stop Nova from producing her new single “Wa Nako’y Mahimo,” released last February 26, 2021.


Her single speaks about a broken relationship where one is still begging and hoping that the love can be mended. With the song’s somber lyrics and Nova’s expressive voice, it tries to capture a scenario of lovers trying to find reasons why their relationship ended.

After the release of her new single, Nova currently plans to focus on being a Mom and trying to get better with her mental health battle in time of the pandemic. But she reassures that she will not stop making music because it is where she finds peace and healing.

“Wa Nako’y Mahimo” is the singer-songwriter’s third single under Viva Records. Together with her previous singles Ondoy, Paminawa and Kalit, you can listen to them now on all digital platforms.


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