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A mother shares her story on a miscarriage and how to bounce back


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Flashing lights, unbearable pain, people talking, the baby kicking.

These were the last things a 22-year-old mother who miscarried at 22 weeks could remember.

For three days, she thought it was just constipation. Little did she know that it was way worse than that.

The next thing she knew she was she was  staring at her lifeless baby at the hospital’s emergency room.

She never saw it coming, just like other mothers who suffered from a miscarriage.

Although she chooses to hide her identity for this story, this mother shares some points for others who have lost their babies.

There’s always hope

“It may be scary now but with preparation and prayer, we will be blessed with a baby that will be looked after by the little angel that we had.”

Don’t take the blame

“It had to take a few people to convince me this because I really blamed myself since I was the one carrying him. But we did our best to take care of our baby and shouldn’t dwell on being too hard on ourselves for this loss. Easier said than done, though.”

Take care of yourself

“Exercise, eat healthily or find a hobby. I’d try to find a way to keep myself sane. Not to forget, but to keep me out of bed and keep going.”

It’s okay to cry

“Even after a week or even a month, it would still hurt and it’s definitely okay to release the pain. Even after doing your best to keep yourself sane, there’d be days that you’d want to lay in bed and release. Don’t keep it all inside.”


“Everything will be provided in His time. Our babies may have been separated from us but they will always be watching us. There’s only so little we can do now that they’re gone physically, but we will always pray for them and keep them in our hearts. Someday they will be our guardian angels for our “rainbow baby” in the future. But for now, we just have to trust in God and what He has planned for us. I just know that He won’t let us go through something we can’t conquer.”

“After I posted my story that I miscarried, a few mothers approached me and shared their story with me too. And shared the hope with me that our little angels are together in heaven,” she shared.

On Mother’s Day (May 9, 2021), they, too, deserve to be celebrated for braving the uncertainties of being pregnant and living in general.

These mothers showed that a mother’s love is unconditional.

To mothers who lost their babies too soon, Happy Mother’s Day. Better days are coming.


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