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Cebuano lines we hear from our mothers after a night out with friends


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Remember the times we all went “YOLO” when it comes to hanging out with our friends?

Remember how our mothers reacted to every night out?

As we head towards Mother’s Day, let’s recall all the famous lines our mothers say after a night or a trip with friends.

Hang on tight, we’ll go Cebuano on this one.

Ayaw na’g uli

It means “don’t come home anymore.” This usually happens when you said you’d only be out until 10 p.m. and it’s past midnight and you’re still out.  You check your phone you have more than 10 missed calls and a load of text messages from mom. One of those text message reads this, “Ayaw na’g uli.”

Of course we all know that’s sarcastic but still, it scares the hell out of us. Yikes!

Asa naman ka?

When she starts asking you where you are, that’s her way of actually reminding you to come home. Start packing your things and hope that you can teleport from where you are to your front door. You usually should take this seriously because “ayaw na’g uli” comes next.

Ayaw ko’g suwayi ha

Don’t test me. Ohh… it gets deeper and scarier when she tells you this. When you get home and explain where you went, she goes and says, “ayaw ko’g suwayi” because she knows everything you said while explaining wasn’t all true.

Diha ra ka sa gawas tulog

Lucky for those who have keys to their homes, but for those who don’t, this line is way too familiar. This means she has decided to let you get what you want, to be out.. literally outside.. like sleep outside.

Let’s just hope you are not scared of the dark.

Kahibaw na imong papa

This is the ultimate hair-raiser. This is like calling for backup. When your dad is brought into the picture, this is the time you contemplate if the “yolo” moment all worth it.

Naa na imong mga gamit sa gawas

This usually happens when you still don’t get home on time after all the things that she has said or texted to you. So just prepare to see your things outside your house. Some have already tried this while others are still bound to try having all their clothes placed outside their gates.

Our mothers know how to make us feel scared and loved at the same time, and amazingly it works!

This just goes to show that no matter how old we get, our mothers will never stop worrying about us.

So if you hear these lines or have heard of these lines, relive the drama moment and thank your mom today for always showing her care and love in ways she knows she can.



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