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Bacalon Chicken Wings: A taste of Bicol in a variety of affordable chicken wings

By: - June 07, 2021

The immense growth of restaurants and food stalls in Cebu serving unlimited chicken wings only goes to show that Cebuanos really have the appetite for a chicken wing feast.

Sugbuanons love their food and as restaurant choices in the metro are getting wider and bigger, customers now turn their focus to food houses that not only taste delicious but most importantly are affordable as well.

Good thing that Bacalon Chicken Wings is now opening its doors for the people in Cebu.

What started as a homemade food retailing business in Manila is now in Cebu with Bacalon Chicken Wings opening their first physical store located at Agus Mini Food Park, Guise Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

What’s so special about Bacalon Chicken Wings?

For starters, Bacalon offers unlimited chicken wings and rice for the affordable price of P199.

Not to mention, customers can choose 12 different flavors for their feast of chicken wings, including: Sweet and Spicy, Buffalo, Honey Glazed, Garlic Mayo, Garlic Parmesan, Korean Barbeque, Cream Cheese, Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, Bacalon Classic, Spicy Parmesan, and their best selling Bacalon Spicy that will give you an authentic spicy Bicol taste.

The restaurant also offers take-out options for customers who would want to enjoy their chicken wings at the office or at home.

The story of Bacalon

In a phone interview with Giselle Tampus, co-owner of Bacalon Chicken Wings, she shares that at the start of the pandemic last year, she was in Manila and decided to partner with a chef, Mellex Andes, to start a home business. Eventually, they came up with the idea of selling chicken wings for their customers during the lockdown.

Bacalon Chiken Wings’ Co-owner Giselle Tampus, middle left, and Chef Mellex Andes, middle right, at Bacalon’s Grand Launching | Contributed Photo

While their operations in Manila were successful and have gained a lot of loyal customers, they stopped their services last December 2020 as the owners decided to move back to Cebu.

But according to Tampus, they plan on reestablishing their business in Manila in the future and will be resuming their service for their loyal patrons in Luzon.

Why the name Bacalon?

With Chef Mellex as the co-owner of the restaurant, he names their business after his hometown in Bicol. Bacalon is the place where he grew up and in Bicolano, it actually means “to buy.”

Apart from the name of the restaurant being reminiscent of his roots, it is also because he wanted customers from different places to taste food with authentic Bicol flavor.

Bacalon prides itself on its selection of quality chicken wings at an affordable price. So order now and satisfy your cravings at only P199.

For more information and inquiries, check Bacalon Chicken Wings’ Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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