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Cool, unique online shopping finds on Tiktok

By: - July 15, 2021

At the height of the community quarantine in the Philippines, many turned to online shopping apps to buy their essentials in time of the pandemic.

But this love for online shopping eventually led most Filipinos to develop a habit of online shopping not just for their necessities but also for cool, unique, and obscure products. And after scouring the digital marketplace for their cool finds, some people just can’t help but share them on various social media platforms like Tiktok.

Over time, the popular video-sharing app known for dancing, singing, and pranking videos, turned into a gold mine for impeccable shopping recommendations.

From home decors to strangely fascinating items, here are some of the coolest and interesting finds on Tiktok that you never thought you needed.

Galaxy Light Projector

Turn your entire room into an open sky of a starry universe through a Galaxy Light Projector. There are several settings or moods that you could choose from on this projector, perfect for setting a sentimental mood in your room at night. You could spend hours just staring at the mystical lights on your ceiling, making you feel like flying through space and can help you have a good night’s sleep.

Smart Padlock

Fingerprint lock scanners on your phones are a thing of the past. Now, you can use a fingerprint lock in real life with a Smart Padlock. Say goodbye to ordinary padlocks with keys you always lost and number combinations you always forget. With a Smart Padlock, you just simply press your finger on it and it opens. For your future vacation, add this padlock to your online cart, and use it on your luggage for your next trip.

Face Humidifier

You can now enjoy a facial at home with this humidifier. No need to depend on facial services for a deep cleaning because this facial humidifier has a lot of benefits on your skin. It promotes blood circulation and opens up your pores that will release extra oils on your face and prevent acne. It will even help your skin absorb your skincare products if you have a skincare routine.

Electric Candle Lighter

Lighting a candle has been made easy with this electric lighter. It’s not just limited on light candles, you can also use it on lighting grills, surface cookers, or even start a bonfire with it. Imagine not having to bother with matches or traditional lighters again. It even works better and safer than traditional lighters.

Mini Vacuum Cleaner

When dealing with a small mess, you wouldn’t want to bring out a big vacuum. What you will need is a mini handheld vacuum cleaner that is about a three-inch cube. This device can clean up crumbs and dust from your desk, laptops, and even furniture. It is lightweight and has a cord-free design making it great for cleaning dirty surfaces with hard-to-reach spots.

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