What you need to know about Milk Tea + where to find the best one

By: - July 24, 2021

When the whole milk tea craze started in 2018, everyone just wanted a hold of their own cup.

So, orders rapidly increased, which led to shortage in some stores.

This is just proof that milk tea, with all its flavors, is just too good to resist!

What’s your favorite boba drink?

The perfect combination of milk and tea in a cup simply creates a smooth flavor and sweet taste, making your regular cup of tea more delicious and fun to drink!

May it be warm or cold, milk tea lovers love to pair this popular drink with basically any snack they have in mind.

Whether you’re a little late with this craze and want to try it or already an avid fan, here are some facts you may want to know about your favorite drink:

What is Milk Tea?

Milk tea, to put it simple, is tea with added milk. It is a popular and fun way to serve tea in many parts of the world, mostly in Asian countries where the craze all began.

Whether served hot or cold, the different recipes of the famous drink combine tea with a form of milk — regular, condensed, or evaporated. Some stores even add a variety of other spices.

Head over to SM City Cebu to get a cup of your favorite Milk Tea!

Where did it start?

Milk Tea or Bubble Tea started in Taiwan

Bubble tea was born in Taiwan in the 1980s, although there are many origin stories to this drink.

It has been around for quite some time now and the term “Bubble Tea” was actually coined when freshly brewed tea with milk and sugar is shaken with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shaking the tea gives it a bubble froth on top of the drink.

Gather your Boba buddies and take memorable moments at the Milk Tea Festival at SM City Cebu.

Are there nutritional benefits of milk tea?

It has Carbohydrates, Minerals and Calcium.

With the “tea” on the drink already giving many health benefits, adding milk to this beverage makes it not just more flavorful but advantageous. It’s more than just milk!

Carbohydrates boost our energy and efficiently provide strength for our body. Minerals are one of the most vital components found in milk tea that help many functions in our body. Calcium is the first compound milk has and is among the elements the body needs, especially for bone function.

More tapioca pearls? More milk? Less sugar? Conveniently choose your drink at the Milk Tea Festival.

Is it safe to drink Milk Tea with pearls?

Boba Balls, Tapioca Pearls, or Boba Pearls are made from cassava

The most famous sinker or add-ons to this drink are actually made from cassava starch, which makes the debate subjective.

Ultimately, boba pearls or tapioca pearls are used to add texture for the tea.

See you at SM City Cebu from July 19 to 31, 2021 for the Milk Tea Festival!

Where to get the best cups in Cebu?

Head over to SM City Cebu!

Chatime Philippines, Upper Ground Level

Bubble Tea Station, North Wing Second Level

Hukadkafe, Lower Ground Level

Happy Cup, Lower Ground Level

Dimsum Break, Third Level

Hebrews Shebrews, Third Level

McDonald’s, Upper Ground Level

Dunkin’ Donuts, Upper Ground Level

Gong Cha, Upper Ground Level

Chowking, Upper Ground Level

Starbucks, Upper Ground Level & North Wing first level

S & R New York Style Pizza, Third Level

You’re even in for more exciting deals and treats from SM City Cebu because their #MilkTeaFestAtSM is coming to give you the most tea-rrific treats to quench your thirst this July 19 to July 31, 2021.

Call your boba buddies because the mall will be brewing exciting in-mall events and exclusive promos #OnlyAtSM from your favorite milk tea shops.

By joining the Milk Tea Festival and taking a selfie, you can even win exciting prizes aside from getting a chance to score great deals. Don’t miss this chance to delight in your favorite milk tea drink in one place!

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