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Mr. Gay World Philippines advocates for universal health care and welfare of LGBTQA community


CEBU CITY, Philippines— As a registered nurse and a proud LGBTQA member, Mr. Gay World Philippines 2021 Joel Rey Carcasona will make sure he will be the voice of the voiceless through his advocacy.

On Sunday, August 8 ,2021, the universe aligned for Cebuano Carcasona as he bested 23 other candidates for 2021 Mr. Fahrenheit and was crowned this year’s Mr. Gay World Philippines.

The 28-year-old associate shared with CDN Digital that joining the pageant was not an easy decision for him.

“It’s been 7 years since I last joined a pageant back in college and I won the title. To be honest, I had second thoughts about joining such a prestigious competition. However, one of the board of directors encouraged me to join and I went for it eventually,” he said.

Carcasona saw the pageant as his way of promoting his advocacy in universal health care and welfare for the people, especially those belonging to the LGBTQA community.

“I will continue to push for my advocacy which is the Universal Health care and welfare of the people esp the LGBTQ  community since its very timely, especially now that we are still in the clutches of the pandemic. Helping people provide the right information and encouraging my fellow health care workers to wear rainbow pins, badges, or lanyards so we could have a friendlier, happier, and most of all, a healthier community,” he added.

As he prepares to go and battle it out on the international stage in the hopes to win the third Mr. Gay World title for the Philippines, Carcasona thanks everyone who showed him love and support in his journey so far.

“First and foremost, I would like to express my sincerest thanks! I will not be able to get the crown without all of your support! I had struggles along the way but you made me strong. Your messages prior to the pageant kept me going whenever thoughts of giving up creeps in. Please continue to support me on my upcoming international journey,” he said.

We will be with you all the way, Joel! Congratulations!


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