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Father and son battle in Cebu mall. Who won?

CEBU CITY, Philippines– Children are now allowed inside malls after two years.

With the slow decline of the Covid-19 cases in the Philippines, it’s but fitting to let the kids out once in a while, especially as the Christmas season nears.

Yes, strolling and eating out with the kids are good. But when they lock their eyes on a target, you would want to reconsider bringing them to the mall the next time.

Just ask this father from Cebu City, who had to battle it out with his two-year-old kid who wanted a toy truck.

Angelo Ruelan shared on his Facebook account on November 7, 2021, a photo of him watching over his son, Liam, who spaced out and sat down on the mall’s floor after not getting the toy truck he wanted.

As they were eating in a fast-food chain inside the mall, Liam suddenly got up and ran outside where the toys were on display.

“After a series of ‘no’ [answers], he then sat on the floor in ‘slow motion’ with a blank face 😂 ug nag hinuktok nalang gyud. He did not have a breakdown or even cry. He just sat there for a while doing nothing. And just when I was about to grab my wallet to buy the toy, my wife came and took over,” he said.

When his wife, Jeza, took over the situation, you know who won now, right? Mommy Jeza.

“People are asking who really won this battle. Really, it’s my wife 😅  Since she stepped in just in time this papa accepted defeat. 😂,” added Angelo.

Liam was made to understand why he didn’t get the toy and he was okay with it.

Relatable, right?



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