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CebuDoc Group seeks more Nurses

By: - December 16, 2021

As the world starts to transition into the post-pandemic era, the healthcare industry has also seen relevant changes in the delivery of healthcare services. Hospitals are now beginning to evolve to meet the new needs of the people in providing quality care. But meeting the demand of the increasing need is also elusive because of the lack of nurses.  

Acknowledging the limitations of the hospital group due to the scarcity of nursing workforce, CebuDoc Group President and Chairman, Dr. Potenciano S.D. Larrazabal, III, calls for a unified agenda – elevating the nursing profession in the country.

“We have the physical and technological capacity, but our ability to accommodate more patients and help the community in saving lives is limited because of our limited staffing. We need more nurses now more than ever. And we hope that many could hear our message – from the government to private sector, to everyone who needs to hear this,” said Dr. Larrazabal.

To those applying, CebuDoc Group is now accepting applicants. Send your resume to [email protected] or follow this link:

In 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO), International Council of Nurses, and Nursing Now called for investment in nurses. In their statement, they have also acknowledged that there is a 5.9 million shortfall of the nursing workforce globally, with the large gaps found in countries in Africa, South East Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean region, as well as in Latin America.

Although greatly hit by the global scarcity, CebuDoc Group continues to deliver quality healthcare in the Visayas Region and strived to respond to the call of WHO and partners by investing in several efforts to address the needs of its nurses.

“Aside from producing excellent nurses through our University, we have also entered into a partnership with other schools and review centers where CebuDoc Group offers scholarship programs for future nurses. For the past two years, our scholars have helped us in sustaining our nursing care programs,” Dr. Larrazabal added.

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CebuDoc Group has also recently increased the base salary and added more benefits for its nurses in concurrence with its other efforts to nurture the nursing profession.

“Last year, we have increased our base salary for our nurses, including entry-level staff nurses. Just recently, we have increased the salaries of our nurses, once again. But more than that, we have been doing our best to promote a healthy work environment and culture to sustain our hardworking nurses,” said CebuDoc Nursing Director, Nurse Sharee Ann Gargar.

In addition to the salary and benefits, CebuDoc Group also started re-structuring the Nursing Organization, to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the job and the profession, opening an opportunity for nurses to learn specialties and related career paths.

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“Our organization is now more inclusive and reachable. We made sure that our structure enables more listening and more open communication to the sentiments of our staff nurses. In this way, we can promote a more accepting and warm working culture,” added Nurse Gargar.

CebuDoc Group administration also makes sure that no one is left behind by revisiting the hospital processes to make sure that the needs of the patients are prioritized while other healthcare workers are given equal opportunity.

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“We will be introducing new services that are more aligned to the needs of the time. With these new services, new job opportunities will be open, and with our current workforce, some of our team members will be prepared and trained so they can adapt to the changing needs of our community in terms of healthcare,” said Engr. Huriel Alejandro, CebuDoc Group’s Corporate Administrator. 

CebuDoc Group is poised to constantly innovate – not only on its physical facilities but also on its people, as it envisions to be the most trusted and lifelong partner in healthcare, not only of the patients but also of the medical professionals.

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“Our services largely depend on our people. So it is only right that we dedicate our time and effort to improving our people. The quality of our service is relative to the quality of people we have. And we acknowledge that by doing our best in elevating the profession and improving our culture. Our patients can depend on us for that.” Dr. Larrazabal concluded.

To those applying, CebuDoc Group is now accepting applicants. Send your resume to [email protected] or follow this link:


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