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Maxene Magalona: ‘Find inner peace by working on yourself honestly and wholeheartedly’

CEBU, Philippines — Actress and yoga instructor Maxene Magalona penned inspirational advice about “finding inner peace” on her Instagram account.

“Yoko ng drama,” she began.

Magalona said that “working on yourself honestly and wholeheartedly” are the ways to find inner peace.


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“Invest your time and energy in working on your triggers, fixing your attitudes and letting go of toxic behaviors. There is an ongoing war inside of you and it will only be over if you learn how to integrate your darkness with your light. Deal with your past and don’t worry about the future so that you can live in the present moment with no resentment and regrets.

“Awareness is key and if you can bring yourself to face your inner demons and accept your flaws, you can become a living angel,” she wrote.

Magalona spent New Year’s eve with her in-laws, amid breakup speculations with her husband Rob Mananquil after she unfollowed him on Instagram.

“I spent New Year’s eve having dinner with my in laws Dad #RobertoMananquil and Mom @milletmartinezmananquil. Every time I hang out with them, I learn and enjoy so much. I love hearing Dad’s funny jokes that make me laugh so much as well as Mom’s stories from the past that come with life lessons which I cherish and keep with me forever,” she wrote.


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A post shared by Maxene Magalona (@maxenemagalona)


Have Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil broken up? Fans notice her unfollow him on Instagram


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