WATCH: These two are the cutest ‘chismosas’

CEBU CITY, Philippines— These little cuties are at it again! 

This time, it’s not waiting for the “taho” vendor or waiting for the food to be ready, but just merely making their daily rounds of making sure the “hood” is okay. 

Thylane Katana Bolzico, 2, and her cousin, Dahlia Amélie Heussaff, 1, were caught redhanded by Nico Bolzico. 

What were they caught doing? 

Being little ‘chismosas’. 

In an Instagram story on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, posted by Nico, it looked like he was up to babysit the cute little cousins when he chanced upon the two looking out the window and being like little ‘Marites.’ 

But these little ‘chismosas’ were too subtle during their daily checking of the hood, as they can be heard singing the famous children’s song, ‘Rain, rain, go, away.” 


We have not yet seen what their former ‘It’ girls’ mothers, Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff, have to say about these two little girlies.

We wonder what their reactions will be.



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