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Attention Ladies: Celebrate Women’s Month by doing these….

CEBU CITY, Philippines— We welcome March with open arms and a happy heart as we celebrate women around the world this month! 

March is not just another month we need to get by, but it is a month to celebrate the strong, beautiful, and intelligent women of the world! 

These ladies have a lot to deal with in their day-to-day lives but they always bounce back even stronger. 

For today’s read, here are some of the things women should do this month to celebrate themselves. 

Go on a trip— it does not have to be far and expensive. Just go out of your homes and find time to relax and think of nothing but lounging in the beach, enjoying the fresh mountain air or just go home to your province to relax and feel young again!

Pamper yourself— taking care of yourself is not a bad thing. This month, start a routine that would give you the best pampering there is. Go to the salon or buy those beauty products or skincare routines you have been eyeing on. 

Redecorate your home or room— one way to recharge is to look for something new! And with that, you don’t have to buy new things (although you are free to do so) but you can just rearrange the things you have at home to give it a fresh look.  By doing so, you also get that  feeling of having something new at home that makes you feel excited! 

Hang out with friends— call your amigas! Grab some food together, have coffee, drink some wine, or just go to the grocery store together! Do whatever makes you feel like you have reconnected with your friends again after a long time. 

We welcome March with open arms and a happy heart as we celebrate women around the world this month! 

Try a new look— get that bob! curl your hair, use hair color, try eyelash extensions or do whatever enhancements you want that would make you feel more confident about yourself! 

Start a new hobby— you should never be too busy with work or taking care of your family. Start a new hobby this month that can be your simple escape when the day-to-day life starts to feel too much for you. 

Women are powerful and some just don’t know it. 

So this month, put yourselves first ladies, and be ready to be better for you and for the people around you! / dcb

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