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Women are strong because…

CEBU CITY, Philippines—Women are strong. 

But most of the time, women tend to downplay their strength and success to fit the traditional way society looks at them. 

Honey, that shouldn’t be the case. 

More often than not, women are stronger than you think they are. 

If you need a little reminder of how strong women are, then you are on the right page. 

Here are some proof that women are stronger than one may think:

They give birth to another human

Carrying a child for nine months, enduring the pain, the changes, and stress that come along, is a strength beyond compare. This alone is enough to prove that women are powerful. 

They are nurturers

They see more with the people they love. They see skills, talents, and compassion. They nurture the people they care about and see look past their shortcomings. 

Fight for you and with you

No matter how hard the situation is, women will find it in their core to fight for the people they stand for and fight for what they think is right. 

They are big on sacrificing

They sacrifice more than you can imagine. They sacrifice their dreams to build a family and to help the people around them. 

Build you up

They help you build yourself up while they try and build something for themselves too. 

The list can go on and on, but these are just some of the few things that prove women are stronger than you think.



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