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Litang’s resto continues founders’ legacy of delicious barbecue, lechon manok

By: - March 08, 2022

In a country where almost everything that tastes delicious is either marinated, skewered, or grilled, every Filipino has their favorite barbecue meat.

And when we talk about barbecue, one of the go-to restaurants in Cebu that definitely comes into the minds of many is Litang’s Barbecue and Lechon Manok.

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Known for their pork barbecue and lechon manok, today’s success of the restaurant is deeply rooted in the love of the founders to their community and for good food.

Story of Litang’s

Founded by Manolita “Litang” Abarquez and her partner Laurencia “Neneng” Pauya, they started Litang’s in 1978 with a prevalent passion for helping others and for their love for food.

Like many businesses, the barbecue restaurant also started as a street-side stall in Barangay Pardo, Cebu City. Over time, they were able to perfect their barbecue recipe that instantly became a crowd-favorite in their community.

(L-R) Mercitas Abarquez, Evangeline Abarquez, Annabel Abarquez, and Mikaela Angela Abarquez, relatives of Litang | Contributed Photo

The patronage of their customers was unexpected and with the growing number of people lining up to the taste of their food, their dream of helping people has been realized. Later on, they were able to employ several members of their community and through everyone’s hard work, it has helped the restaurant reach its success today.

Continuing the legacy

Managing and running a business is not just about its success, there are also challenges that need to be faced.

For Litang’s, its greatest challenge is when both founders died in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s a heavy and tragic loss for the business but despite it, the legacy that Litang and Neneng left behind continues as ChiYato Food Corporation, which is owned by one of their family members, acquired the rights to the restaurant. 

“To honor the loving memory of Litang and Mama Neneng, and to resume what they have started for the community and to our family, we decided to acquire management of the restaurant,” Gilian P. Gegawin, owner of ChiYato Food Corporation, said.

Through Gilian P. Gegawin and Ryan Rufino, owner of ChiYato Food Corporation, a new, savory and sumptuous flavor can now be enjoyed at Litang’s Barbecue and Lechon Manok. Working alongside the owners are Kyla Angela Abarquez, Director of Marketing and heir of Litang, and Angelo Kristian Sabellano, a relative and associate. Together, they are managing to build the name of Litang’s from the ground up. 

Drawing inspiration from the original recipe of the founders, the skilled and professional cooks of ChiYato Food Corporation introduced a new and improved flavor on their meat and barbecues for the loyal customers to taste. There will also be a new addition to their menu soon including intercontinental dishes, beverages, and milk teas.

The restaurant located at I Tabura Street, Barangay Pardo, Cebu City, now also comes with a new look.

For a barbecue joint, Litang’s now looks dainty and bright with its lush green decor and garden-y vibe. Customers will surely appreciate its relaxed and stress-free ambiance.

Since their revamp last October 18, 2021, the restaurant has been gaining a lot of new customers and the owners of ChiYato Food Corporation couldn’t be more thankful.

“There have been a lot of challenges and a few hiccups that we encountered in running this business but I would like to thank those people who love me dearly and supported me in this new venture. They know who they are and rest assured that we will do our best for Litang’s,” Gilian Pauya Gegawin said.

So to satisfy your barbecue cravings and to enjoy good service and quality products, Litang’s Barbecue and Lechon Manok is the place to be.

The core values of the founders’ love of good food and community service is passed down to the new owners who is just as passionate about delivering delight to every home with affordable quality dishes.

They are also open to franchising and resellers, so if you’re interested, you can contact them through their official Facebook Page or Instagram, call through their phone numbers 0977-380-2028, 0998-171-0103, 0917-712-4482, or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

For orders and for deliveries, visit their website


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