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FACES OF CEBU: Janine Ramil, 28, working mom

CEBU, Philippines — A life of a mother can be exciting and challenging at the same time.

No matter what kind of hardships or difficulties a mother may find, those heart-tugging moments with the kids would tend to fade the stressful day.

Take it from Janine Ramil, 28, from Cebu City, who says she gets her motivation from her three kids. 

Ramil shared with CDN Digital her story of being a young mom.

“I was still a student when I knew that I was pregnant. I really made it a goal to to finish my studies so that I could get a decent job and be able to provide for the needs of my child and for her future,” she said.

In 2018, her dream and prayers did come true as she graduated from college. And now she’s doing everything to be able to fulfill her promise to provide for her family.

“Now that I already have three kids, I engage myself in investments for the  future so I’d be ready for whatever may happen,” she said. 

Ramil, who is now working in a work-from-home setup for a BPO company, juggles her responsibilities as a mom and her full-time job.

”It’s all about time management. And I’m so lucky to have a very supportive partner and family as well,” she said.

Ramil is indeed one of those women who stands for empowering working moms, something worth highlighting this Women’s Month.

Her advice to other working moms? “Laban lang gyud ta! Padayon ’cause we’re doing a great job.”

“We’re building the world for our kids. We’re shaping who they will become by setting an example. That it is possible to have it all. That, while difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible, we can balance work and family.”

“I know we have to sacrifice some other things along the way but our kids know we love them and they’re learning from us every day. One day, they’ll know that even if we’re doing it because we want to, when it comes down to it, we do it all for them,” she added. 

Here is the video of her shared by her partner,Jerald Kade Coyacot, on Facebook, where she can be seen working while nursing her baby.


What a supermom!



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