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Nico Bolzico is in troubled waters… Read on to know why

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Nico Bolzico is always the one to brag about her lovely and beautiful daughter, Thylane, who is 2 years old. 

But in this recent video uploaded on his Instagram stories, Nico had his reality checked. 

This as Thylane is seen kissing one of her friends, who, by the way, is a boy. 

You can only imagine the horror it brought to Nico. 

In the video, he captioned, “I am not amused,” and when the video panned to his face, ‘El Padre’ really looked that way. 

Solenn Heussaff was seen slightly on the video laughing and smiling while looking at the two toddlers. 

Looks like Nico will have to prepare for more scenes like this in the future. 

We got you, El Padre!



#BulliedHusbandsClub founder Nico Bolzico in troubled waters

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