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Hi-Precision Diagnostics gives free laboratory services to residents of Brgy Maguikay in Mandaue City

By: - August 03, 2022

MANDAUE CITY, Cebu —  Regular monitoring and the early detection of underlying medical conditions are key to ensuring one’s optimum health.  

Leading diagnostic and laboratory clinic Hi-Precision Diagnostics shared this reminder to residents of Barangay Maguikay in Mandaue City during their medical mission on Saturday, July 30.

The medical mission conducted on Saturday, July 30, 2022, offered laboratory tests as well as consultation to some 150 residents of Barangay Maguikay. | Know more about HPD here

Hi-Precision Diagnostics offered free laboratory services to give the 150 beneficiaries of their medical mission an idea of their current health status.

Noemi Guliban, head of the center’s Mandaue City branch, said the conduct of the medical mission was their way of giving back to the people of Barangay Maguikay. Hi-Precision Diagnostics Mandaue City branch is located at the Diamond Plaza, M.C. Briones Street in Barangay Maguikay.

Noemi Guliban, officer-in-charge at HPD in Mandaue City, said the activity is a means of giving back to the community and instilling the importance of routine medical check-ups in maintaining optimum health and early detection of medical conditions among the community members.

Hi-Precision staff provided fasting blood sugar, cholesterol, and complete blood count (CBC) tests in the morning and consultation and evaluation of their test results in the afternoon. 

“Plan ni siya 2021 pa but since Odette came, namove. It is a way to give back to the community nga throughout the pandemic, nianhi gihapon sila sa Hi-Precision especially sa Mandaue nga branch,” Guliban said.

(We have planned this medical mission in 2021 yet but since Typhoon Odette came, we had to move it to a later date. This is a way to give back to the community that had been part of Hi-Precision, especially the Mandaue branch, throughout the pandemic.)

Guliban said early detection is very crucial in the proper management of a patient’s health condition.  This would also prevent any sickness from getting worse.

“We highlight unsa ka important ang affordable nga mga tests and to show that these tests are available at Hi-Precision,”


Noemi Guliban, officer-in-charge

Hi-Precision Diagnostics Mandaue City

“The medical mission was also conducted to promote healthy living. They can assess kung okay ba ang ilang pamati and they can go on sa ilang daily activities or they would know when to limit their activities,” Guliban explained. 

(The medical mission was also conducted to promote healthy living. They can assess their symptoms, if any, and can go on with their activities or know when to limit them.)

“We highlight unsa ka important ang affordable nga mga tests and to show that these tests are available at Hi-Precision,” Guliban said.

(We highlight how important that there are affordable tests and that these tests are available at Hi-Precision.)

Maguikay councilman Winston King, who was present during the medical mission, said the barangay appreciated the holding of the medical mission as it helped members of their community, especially those who need medical attention but may not have the time or financial capacity to seek medical consultation. 

King said the presence of Hi-Precision Diagnostics in their barangay plays a role in their residents’ health. 

With Hi-Precision’s affordable services and accessibility, King said, their residents as well as those who hail from the other nearby barangays can avail of the services that will help them keep their health up and in turn, enable them to be productive and members of the community.

Mandaue as hub in the north

In an effort to meet their client’s medical needs, Guliban said, their Mandaue City branch is now expanding its testing capacity as it is fast becoming Hi-Precision Diagnostics’ hub in the north. 

With the addition of their new Mandaue Annex extension, Hi-Precision Diagnostics in Mandaue City will now have its chemistry and immunology sections in addition to the existing hematology and mycology units.

The Mandaue hub is also expecting the arrival of new computed tomography (CT scan) units soon.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics Center in Mandaue City is located at Diamond Plaza in Barangay Maguikay. They accept walk-ins and reservations. Learn more about Hi-Precision Diagnostics in their website:

With their latest upgrade, the turn-around time for the release of laboratory results will be significantly reduced.  Clients of their Mandaue City branch will no longer be referred to their Cebu City branch to undergo laboratory tests.

Doctors specializing in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, cardiology, and gynecology are also available at the Mandaue hub from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily for consultations and reading of test results.

Their Mandaue hub will also be supporting Hi-Precision’s other branches located in Liloan town in northern Cebu and Mactan Island.

Guliban said Hi-Precision staff from their Liloan and Mactan branches will also be allowed to visit and run tests at their Mandaue City hub as part of their professional development.

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