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FACES OF CEBU: Edith Gemal Plarisan, 50, fur mom

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Edith Gemal Plarisan, the viral fur mom, with Spotty, her fur baby. | contributed photo

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Fur mom Edith Gemal Plarisan of Barangay Tuyom in Carcar City went viral recently because of a touching video of her reunion with her dog, Spotty.

Spotty went missing for at least a month when the doggo left their house in Barangay Tuyom when Plarisan wasn’t around. But both fur mom and doggo met again recently and their reunion was caught in a video that was shared on social media.

“He’s really scared of fireworks and thunder. If he hears sounds from fireworks or thunder, he runs to me. But at that time, there was some fireworks and it just so happened I wasn’t around,” Plarisan said.

Plarisan said she nearly lost hope in finding Spotty. But a post from Mark Sales last December 21, 2022 about a missing dog renewed her hope. It  would pave the way for both to reunite.

Watch the video of their reunion here:

Plarisan said it was in 2018 when she started to pet a dog.

So what made her a certified fur mom? She said it was Spotty’s and his siblings’ act of showing their affection.

“It was in 2018 when we started raising a dog because we don’t have children. It is what keeps us happy. They are very affectionate.  Whenever I come home, they would always come running to me. It’s like they’re very happy that I arrived,” she said.

So it just explains how hurt and concerned she was when Spotty went missing.

Taking care of dogs is not an easy responsibility. That is why, as a fur mom, Plarisan encourages everyone to always be genuine to them.

“To those who have pets, especially dogs, treat them as you would treat your family. Love them, talk to them, take care of them so they would feel they are part of the family,” the fur mom said.


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