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Miss Cebu 2023 Up Close: Olive May Sophia Bihag

By: - January 05, 2023

In just a few days, we will witness the crowning of the new Miss Cebu 2023.

Miss Cebu is one of the highlights of the annual Grand Sinulog Festival. The pageant began in 1983, and it aims to “showcase the total beauty with the holistic personality of the Cebuana”.

This platform has been utilized to promote Cebu City tourism.

The tourism commission also emphasized the role of Miss Cebu as an inspiration and role model to young individuals and to the Cebuanos.

CDN Digital had a chance to speak to our lovely 12 candidates backstage and got to know them better. Here are some backstage and unfiltered Q&A from Candidate No. 1 Olive May Sophia “Olive” Bihag, 18, from Yati, Liloan, City Cebu.

*This article is part of a series featuring all the candidates for Miss Cebu 2023.


Olive May Sophia “Olive” Bihag, 18, from Yati, Liloan, City Cebu. | Photo by: Dan Douglas Ong

Q: What makes you unique?

Olive: Everyone has different experiences and paths. I believe uniqueness is not just classified to our physique or what we are feeling at the moment. So what makes me unique is my experience and mindset. I lived with different people and been in different places and there should be something that I myself have only experienced that others didn’t. Those experiences molded me to who I am now. It did set up my mindset and how I handle circumstances.

Q: Where is your favorite place in Cebu and why?

Olive: A very memorable place and what I consider my favorite would be Tops at Busay. Me and my family used to unwind in Tops. We eat and enjoy the weather that the place gives. I love the trees and the beautiful overlooking view. It puts my mind at ease and it makes me want to go back again and again.

Q: What is your favorite Cebuano delicacy, and why do you love it?

Olive: My favorite Cebuano delicacy is dried mangoes. I have loved this Cebuano delicacy since I was young. This is my happy and comfort food. Dried mango is the food that I’d cry for just so I can buy it and eat it. I love the rich flavor of the mango at the same time its sweetness because I have a sweet tooth.

As I grow older, travelled and understood how reality is, I wanted to have a contribution to the world. For the betterment at that.

Q: Which celebrity would you invite for dinner and why?

Olive: This one’s not a single celebrity but a group. I’d invite BTS for dinner. They are a male K-pop group that has influenced and touched a lot of people’s hearts. I’d invite them for dinner so I could talk with them and ask them how did they survive the harsh reality of being a celebrity or an idol. They have been through so much, a lot of criticisms and much more, but they strived hard so they are now one of the biggest boy groups in the World.

Q: Why do you deserve to win Miss Cebu?

Olive: As I grow older, travelled and understood how reality is, I wanted to have a contribution to the world. For the betterment at that. First, I want to start in Cebu. I am empathetic and I genuinely want to help those in need. Specifically people under poverty. Their future is unclear since they suffer of deprivation of privileges. Children must be in school, studying and working hard for their future. Not suffering in the streets and just wait (for) whatever the universe holds for them. With Miss Cebu I am given a chance and opportunity to help those children, those people. And if time comes I will do everything in my power and contribute what the unprivileged people deserve.

Stay updated with Miss Cebu 2023 events and activities here.

Miss Cebu is the official search for Cebu City’s Ambassadress of Goodwill and spokesperson. Its coronation night is set on January 11, 2023 as one of the highlights for next year’s Sinulog festival.

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