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FACES OF CEBU: Lucia Nudalo, Grand Prize Winner of The Metro Stores ‘Happyversary’

By: - April 06, 2023

CONSOLACION, Cebu – Lucia Nudalo of Barangay Subangdaku in Mandaue City believes that winning The Metro Stores ‘Happyversary’ grand prize of P1 million was her reward for working very hard.    

Having this much cash to spend would allow her to already enjoy a much-deserved ‘day off’ after over two decades of managing her sari-sari store and taking care of her husband, Abelito, and their children at the same time, she said.

The mother of five said that she intends to travel South East Asia and Europe with her husband within the year, using her prize money. 

Nudalo resides in Hernan Cortes St. in Barangay Subangdaku, Mandaue City with her family.  She opened her sari-sari store in a portion of their home and gained several loyal costumers as the years go by.

Lucia with her husband, children and grandchildren for their New Year Celebration back in 2017

She shared that The Metro Stores in Colon Street in Cebu City and Pacific Mall in Mandaue City have been her partners in running her business.

When she started her sari-sari store, Nudalo said, she would buy her groceries in bulk in Metro Colon at a low price. A few years back, she stared to do her shopping at Metro Mandaue that is now known as Pacific Mall Mandaue, located in Barangay Ibabao-Estancia.

“Everyday jud ko mangumpra diri sa Metro. Pag sauna, Metro Colon ko pero pag [tukod] na diri [Pacific Mall], aw diri nako kay duol nalang sa amoa,” Nudalo said.

Her patronage and her hard work were aptly rewarded when her name was called as the lucky winner of the Metro Stores ‘Happyversary’ raffle promo.

At first, Nudalo said, she found it difficult to believe that she was now a millionaire.

“Wala sad ko nituo na P1 million. Nag expect lang ko og P40, 000 or P400, 000 pero ako man jud diay nakadaog sa P1 million so lipay kaayo ko kay one million gyud diay!” she said.

She considers her winnings as a sign from God that the time has come for her to already relax and enjoy her life.

Miss Lucia Nudalo, winner from Subangdaku, Mandaue won the grand shopping spree prize amounting to P1 million.

Nudalo said that she would now have money to spend to go on a well-deserved vacation with her husband.

“Ang Ginoo tagaan tag grasya kay ato baya nang gi ampo nga tagaan ta… aron maka suroy-suroy ta.  Tiguwang naman gyud ta, while makalakaw pa ta, mo suroy gyud ta!,” she said.

Looking back, Nudalo said, she had to be very frugal.  She also had to set aside her personal needs in order to prioritize the needs of her children.

Because of her hard work and sacrifices, she and her husband managed to have all of their five children finish college.

She also spent part of her savings from her sari-sari store business to build apartment units.

Nudalo said she would not have achieved all these if she did not chose to patronize The Metro Stores.

Grateful for her winnings, Nudalo also sent her congratulations to The Metro Stores on its 40th anniversary.

“Nindot gyud ang Metro! Kami sa [wholesale] di man gyud mi mangumpra og ginagmay. Lahi gyud and Metro kay maka save ka sa deals. Mogawas nga mas barato gyud sila. Di gyud ko magmahay sa Metro kay daghan na jud ni siyag nahatag nako na grasya,” she said.

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