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Girl with Chronic Leukemia Needs Urgent Help

A 14-year-old girl from Brgy. Songculan, Dauis, Bohol is wholeheartedly appealing for urgent financial help as she presses on with her fight against cancer.

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14 year old Mechaella Romanos who was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia needs urgent help. Contact Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko Cebu.

Mechaella Romanos was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia on October 18, 2022. Her signs and symptoms began eight months prior to her diagnosis. She experienced weight loss, difficulty of breathing, joint pains, and pallor. These distressing manifestations prompted her parents to seek for medical help. A few days before her diagnosis, she was admitted at a hospital in her hometown. A series of laboratory tests were done and it showed blood counts not in the normal level and an enlarged spleen. Because of these findings, they were referred to a specialist in Cebu City who performed blood transfusions and bone marrow aspiration right away. The test result indicated that Mechaella has Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, a rare type of cancer of the bone marrow which is the spongy tissue inside bones where blood cells are made. This weakening disease causes an increased number of white blood cells in the blood. There is a greatly improved prognosis for people with this disease through modern advances in its treatment. With prompt treatment, most people will achieve remission and live for many years after diagnosis.

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In order to attain complete healing, Mechaella’s attending hematologist-oncologist prescribed an oral chemotherapeutic regimen. She started taking these medications following her diagnosis. At the moment, she is still under treatment and her attending physician had recently recommended that she needs to undergo a bone marrow aspiration. Truly, Mechaella’s treatment come at a high cost causing a tremendous burden and concern for her parents. When summed up, the expenses for her chemotherapy drugs and vitamin supplements are estimated to reach up to P11,000 every month. Her bone marrow aspiration is also pegged at P26,500.

“Kai-Kai,” as she is fondly called by her family, is an active and cheerful girl. She also likes going to school as a Grade 8 student. Despite her condition, she expresses hope for the future. At her young age, she said that she wanted to finish her studies so that she can find the work that she loves. As the second of the four siblings, her family cherishes her the most. When asked about her wish for Mechaella, her mother replied, “I wish that her health will be completely restored. I also pray that her body will respond positively to the treatment. I long to see the day that she will achieve her dreams in life.” Mechaella’s father works as a construction worker and earns at least P500 every day. Her mother is a housewife who takes good care of the whole family. The high cost of living nowadays had brought overwhelming financial strain to their family. The meager income of her father could not keep up with their ever increasing expenses. In addition to that, Mechaella’s continuing treatment had pressed them down financially and already exhausted their funds. Indeed, they are really in dire need of help. Hence, her parents are earnestly appealing for financial assistance from selfless individuals in order to save the life of their precious child.

Those who wish to donate may contact Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko Foundation Inc. – Cebu through these cellphone numbers 0945-712-6657 or 0932-443-7135. You can also deposit donations directly to Unionbank under account name Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko Foundation and account number 00-112-000066-2. Please indicate the name of the patient in the deposit slip. Thank you very much.



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