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6 secrets how Ayala drives prices of their properties


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Ayala is one of the best known brands in the Philippines, recognizable even by foreigners who come to the country looking for sound real estate investments. They are known for quality, reliability, and value for money. But how do they really drive prices of their properties up which Avida (a mid range condominium brand), one of the subsidiaries of Ayala offering mid range and affordable properties in the Philippines, are able to take advantage of, especially in IT Park?

1. Build and they will come

The IT park used to be nothing but an abandoned airport. Now it is a thriving business district housing majority of the BPOs or business process outsourcing companies in Cebu, propping up with Cebuano and Philippine economy. The same has been said about the Makati business district, which was nothing but barren fields until Ayala came to develop it. Ayala has the vision and understanding of what the economy needs or will need in the future builds it. They have built it and they did come.

2. Business environment and facilities

Of course, it is not sufficient simply to build. One has to build structures and facilities that are relevant to the need of the expected users. That is what Ayala actually does. The IT Park, for example, has the infrastructure to cater to the internet and communication needs of a demanding BPO industry.

3. Incentives for businesses

One way to prop up prices of properties is to get good quality occupants in the property. To do this, Ayala registered IT Park as an economic zone, allowing it to offer generous tax holidays and other perks which have attracted big companies to locate there.

4. Lifestyle and feel

The lifestyle and feel of IT Park is undoubtedly urban and contemporary. It, in fact, has created a new culture which attracts an opulent and young crowd. This adds to its perceived value and importance.

5. Name and reputation

The name “Ayala” itself carries with it its reputation. Just simply attaching the name to any product would already give that product prestige. That magic has been carried on to IT Park and Avida.

6. All you need in one place

Have everything in or near one place, and you won’t have to be affected by the burgeoning traffic, not to mention, the convenience that brings to residents and office staff alike. IT Park certainly has this advantage. It is near churches, schools, some residential spaces, groceries and many more. Ayala will also in the process of building a new mall in IT Park which will further prop up its value. Avida is quite well placed in the middle of this environment, making it an ideal residential area, more so as an investment which a buyer is sure will increase its value later or have constant stream of renters in the many years to come.

Invictus “Tuts” Paradela is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of FilAsia Realty, a realty firm committed to helping buyers get the most out of their residential and commercial deals and purchases. FilAsia Realty is now also offering Property Management services to help owners market their unit and provide options for those looking to rent. You may contact him at [email protected] or on Facebook FilAisa Realty.

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