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Best of both worlds: A Multifaceted life of a lady guard and TikToker mom

Lady guard, mother, Tiktoker: Leny Rosaroso shares the many sides of her life.

Lady guard, mother, Tiktoker: Leny Rosaroso shares the many sides of her life.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, and one such mother, who deserves our recognition is a lady guard who works tirelessly to protect her community.

On this special occasion of Mother’s Day, we celebrate the incredible strength, courage, and dedication of mothers around the world. We also celebrate their selfless service and provision not only for their families but also for their communities.

Leny Rosaroso, a 43-year-old resident of Apas, Lahug, has been serving as a security guard for over a decade, exemplifying her unwavering commitment to protecting others.

“Okay ra ni akong trabaho, [diri] nako motigulang sa akong trabaho, kay mao na sad gyud ni akoang naandan,” she said.

(I am okay with my job, (I will) grow old here in this job, because this is the one that I have been used to doing.)

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Widow, devoted mom

Leny has been a widow for almost four years, and she is also a devoted mother to two children. She takes pride in the fact that despite being a single mom, her 22-year-old son Spencer Rosaroso stands by her side and helps meet the family’s needs.

“Kana akong kinamaguwangag laki, nag [Grab] na siya…nagtigom pa siyag kwarta, mao naundang pa siya ug skwela pero unahon niya og paskwela akong anak babaye…siya ra pud akong kaabag,” Leny told CDN.

(My eldest son, he worked as a [Grab driver]…he is saving money, that is the reason he stopped schooling, but he is letting my daughter [his younger sister] to finish school first…he is the one helping me.)

She works long hours, often putting in extra shifts to make sure that her children have everything they need.

“Lisod kaayo nga kita ray nag trabaho na wa kay katuwnag sa imong kinabuhi…wish nako karung Mother’s Day kay masuccessful ko ug akong mga anak.”


As a strongly built woman for work and a widowed mom of two, Leny also takes time to indulge in the latest trends of today’s world, such as TikTok. She gets to play the best of both worlds.

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Doing Tiktok to ease stress — lady guard

“Usahay [kung] magproblema sa financial kay igo ra gyud siya sa tanan, [unya] usahay ma short sa kwarta, akong Tiktok kay libangan ra siya…ug eskapo lang gud sa akong mga problema, ” she said.

(Sometimes, (if) we face a financial problem because our money is enough to pay for our expenses, [and then) sometimes we are short on our money, I will just do Tiktok to take my mind off problems and enjoy myself… and serves as an escape to my problem.)

“Nagsuwaysuway lang kog TikTok para pawala sa mga problema na ginagmay…pawa ra gyud nis stress,’ she added.

(I just tried TikTok to somehow ease a little my problems…this is just to relieve stress.)

Leny shared that the responsibility of motherhood had made her a more compassionate and empathetic guard. Being a mother, this has also taught her the importance of patience, perseverance, and sacrifice.

“Lisod kaayo nga kita ray nagtrabaho, na wa kay katuwang sa imong kinabuhi…wish nako karung Mother’s Day kay masuccessful ko og akong mga anak,” Leny said.

(It is difficult if we are the one one working, that we don’t have a partner in our life…I wish for this Mother’s Day that I will be successful as well as my children.)

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Despite the challenges that come with being a lady guard and a mother, Leny manages to balance both roles with grace and poise.

Leny’s positive outlook on life is rooted on her deep faith and the love she has for her family. She draws strength from her belief that with determination and hard work, anything is possible.

“Sa tanang mama, ang akong ma [advice] lang gyd ninyo magkalingaw lang gyud mog bisan unsa para dili mag sigeg kaguol, unya happy gihapon,” she said.

(To all mothers, my advice to you is to enjoy something so that you cannot be always be sad, and you will still be happy.)

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