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Netizens on cheaters and their ‘kabits’: Pray for them

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Have you ever heard of the Cebuano classic, “Kinsa Siya” by Luz Loreto?

This 1984 song has been the anthem of our elders tackling about an unfaithful partner.

The song is stuffed with emotions of a person in pain after knowing of his or her partner’s infidelity. Ouch!

Here’s part of the lyrics:

“Kinsa siya ngano’g nganong nagluib ka

kinsa siyang gipangga mo labaw pa kanako?

unsay anaa kaniya nga wala ako?”

Wa man ako’y pagkulang gitugyan kong tanan”

Just recently, a wife in Cebu caught her husband and his mistress redhanded in a motel, sparking cheating issues in our society again.

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CDN Digital asked netizens through a Facebook post on what punishment is best for both cheaters and the third party, commonly and locally known as “kabit.”

Guilty parties, you might want to stop here.

But hey, if you’re curious, read on since some comments are actually not that harsh.

Here are some of them:

“E-ampo ra na sila oii. Naa ra gyud karma nga moabot kay ang Ginoo nagta-aw ra,” one commented.

(Just pray for them. Bad karma will get to them because God is always watching.)

“Ang huwis na’y mag hukom kay depende man na sa sitwasyon,” another added.

(The court is going to decide because it depends on the situation.)

“Ginoo ra’y mag igo ana nila.”

(Let God decide on them.)

“E ampo ang kalag.” (Pray for their souls.)

Some were a bit harsh but funny.

“E-pa priso oi aron sa prisuhan sila mag loving loving,” one said.

“Ibitay unya paasohan sila duha. 😅😅Let’s celebrate the victory..!!!”

“Haplasan ug pangpagilok😂😂 aron motagam”

There were some comments that we chose not to publish because…well, you get the picture.

Bottom line is cheating isn’t good.

May this be a reminder to everyone in a relationship to never cheat on your partners, because the trauma of your actions will surely haunt your partners for years to come.

Behave, Siloys.


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