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Student gets P100,000 graduation gift in South Cotabato

graduation gift

Graduate Justin Lee Enad (left) and her tita, Shiela Mae Magtoto.

Our graduation marks a momentous occasion that honors and cherishes the years of hard work, dedication, and countless late-night study sessions.

What better way to commemorate this significant milestone than with a thoughtful graduation gift.

How does P100,000 cash sound?

This is what 16-year-old Justin Lee Enad from South Cotabato got from his aunt, Shiela Mae Magtoto, on the day of his moving up ceremony.

Magtoto told CDN Digital that her nephew hinted weeks before his moving up ceremony about the money garland as it is a trend nowadays. “Nagpapa cute sabay sabi, tita baka naman,” Magtoto said. 

“Una 20k lang daw, baka naman. Kaya ayan po, 100k para malula,” Magtoto added. 

Magtoto also noted that she has a very close sibling-like relationship with Enad.

With Enad’s mother working abroad, Magtoto saw that he has been through a lot.

“Naging mabait naman siyang pamangkin at nairaos nya ang kanyang Junior High school,” she said.

With that, even without honors, she wanted to encourage her nephew with this surprising graduation gift. 

When CDN Digital asked how Magtoto’s nephew reacted, it seems he had mixed reactions. She said Enad was shocked, happy, and laughing with the gift. 

Wouldn’t we all react the same if we received this graduation gift?  /bmjo


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