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Danao City to build own museum to store ‘treasures of the past’

Danao City to build own museum to store 'treasures of the past'

This is what the proposed Museo de Danao will look like. | Photo from Danao City Government

MANDAUE CITY, Cebu — Danao City in northern Cebu plans to have its own museum where it can store “treasures of the past.”

“Aside from the displays and events to be hosted inside, it will also function as a public library and space for skills workshop such as painting, pottery-making and more,” the city government said in an advisory.

In addition, the City Tourism Office will occupy part of Museo de Danao, a two-storey structure that will be built on the 800 square meter lot that used to be occupied by the old city police station.

“The location was an old Spanish Municipal Site 1860s. Transformed to Danao Provincial High School and later to Danao City Police Station,” the city government said.

Phase 1 of the construction project is set to start this year.

The Museo de Danao project was just one of the many projects that the Danao City government wanted to undertake in the next three years as they also open their city to more investors.

“From here and now, Danao City’s purpose in the next three years will be a model city of sustainable development in the entire province of Cebu, with globally competitive Danaonons,” Mayor Thomas Mark Durano said during the city’s Investment Forum held last July 8.

Other projects that are for implementation include the reconstruction of the old public market that was burned in a fire in June 2020, the construction of a pay parking building, the establishment of a highland leisure district, a circumferential road and low cost housing units among others.

Ramon Gorre, the city planning and development officer, said they also planned to have a podway system in their city to address its transportation needs.

The city government said that “progress means looking into balanced core areas for development.”

“Aside from the Environmental Aspect (environmental policies), Youth (Skate Park and Youth Center), Open Space (Plaza Beatriz Fountain), Health (free programs), and Economic (Merkado sa Danao and upcoming big ticket investments), Culture and Heritage is important in Danao,” it added.

It is for this reason that they are building a museum that “will house artifacts/relics, heirlooms, and other items that speak of Danao City’s rich culture and heritage from history, arts, and other cultural interests.”

“The City Government of Danao, through the City Tourism Council, is hoping that Danawanons can all work together in building the museum — from sharing old photos, stories, and others of priceless cultural value,” it said.


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