A Language of Love: How a simple slang led to a deep connection

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Funny as it may seem, this love story has a deeper meaning than just the trending photo.

This young couple from Lilo-an, Cebu is giving young love a different light.

Kiane Pumares shares how his relationship with Tiffany Salih started off with just a simple “slang.”

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In his Facebook post, Kiane shared that since his girlfriend is half British, he decided to test his British accent skills.

“Akong ge suretheng kay half British HAHAHA,” reads his caption.

But what seems to be a simple puppy love story lies a deeper kind of connection between Kiane and Tiffany, who are both teenagers.

Aside from Tiffany’s undeniable beauty, Kiane found a caring person in her.

“Caring siya, then family oriented pud. Mo effort sad siya nako then ang pinakaganahan nako niya is icomfort ko niya if kana naa koi problem. Then iya parents mura naman pud nakog ginikanan mam kay independent naman ko mam, wala nakoi parents,” he said.

(She is caring, then also family oriented. What I really like about her is that she will always make an effort to comfort me if I have a problem. Then her parents is already like my parents as well because I am now an independent person, I have no more parents.)

Kiane has gotten used to living alone and with the help of his friends ever since his parents separated a couple of years back.

Kiane has an elder sister but she lives far and already has her own family.

He has a couple of side hustles to also provide for some of his needs while studying.

“Dream nako first is makahuman kog skwela aron mapakita nakos akong family bisag independent ko kaya nako akong kaugalingon aron ma proud sad sila, then always ra sad pray,” he added.

(My dream is to first finish my schooling so that I can show my family that even if I am independent I can take care of myself so that they can be proud of me, then always pray also.)


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