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Batangas Couple Restores Netizens’ Faith in Genuine Love

Aivy Gonzaga, 22, shares a precious moment with her boyfriend, Pol Villanueva, as they count the money Villanueva apparently saved for Gonzaga’s tuition fee.

CEBU City, Philippines — “How far would you go for love?”

A TikTok video is going viral on the channel as a couple from Batangas touched the hearts of Filipino netizens online.

Aivy Gonzaga, a 22-year-old, college student, shares a precious moment with her boyfriend, Pol Villanueva, counting the money her boyfriend apparently saved for her tuition fee.

“Nag ipon lang naman siya para may pang tuition ako. Soon mahal hindi na tayo kukulangin,” she captioned in her post on TikTok.

Gonzaga’s boyfriend owns a business, selling auto parts, and she said that she was surprised when Pol gave his savings to her for her enrollment.

Netizens who have seen the couple’s video on TikTok, commented under their post, saying how lucky Gonzaga is. 

“You found the right man🥰 hindi puro pagwapo,pangako etc.. at opo kinilig na naman ako sa love story ng iba😅.. lavarn para sa future😊😊,” a comment reads.

Walking ‘Green Flag’

In an interview with CDN Digital, Gonzaga shared that she actually bought two piggy banks to try the “ipon challenge” with her boyfriend, Pol.

“Sadly, mine was secretly opened because my parents need money. When he saw that I opened my piggy bank, he wasn’t pleased, however, he understood my side, and we’re okay,” Gonzaga narrated. 

As time went by, she needed to enroll herself for the school year, since their school’s enrollment period is coming to a close, and yet, she still does not have enough money for her tuition. 

“I was going to owe his brother some money to add to my parents’ budget so they could buy and sell vegetables for my tuition the next day, then he said that I should accompany him to count the money, then I said that we would take a video to pretend it was a challenge,” the 22-year-old Gonzaga explained.

Aivy was teary-eyed because she couldn’t help but feel blessed for his boyfriend’s unconditional support of her needs.

“The savings was nine thousand. He said it all came from his shop. He has a motor parts shop and he really likes motorcycles, so he turned it into his business,” Aivy said.

Modern love’ in an ‘old love’ version

Gonzaga shared with CDN that their relationship has been going on for four years now.

“Don’t settle for less talaga. May darating at darating talaga na tao na talagang kayang ibigay at iparamdam sayo lahat. Wag mag madali sa love,” Gonzaga said.

However, just like any other couple, they too encountered struggles and adjustments during their 4-year relationship., but they make sure to fix things up before they get messy.

According to Gonzaga in a new TikTok video, even before the couple went official, her now-boyfriend would go extra heights and would even let Gonzaga and her family borrow a bit of cash.

The Batangas couple definitely has set the bar high for young couples today. May you keep the fire burning, lovebirds!     /rcg


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