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LIST: LTO fines for common violations

CEBU CITY, Philippines —The Land Transportation Office (LTO) penalizes drivers who commit violations on the road.

This is the agency’s way to encourage safe driving.

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With this, it is wise to know how much are the fines for common violations.

Here are some of the LTO fines and sanctions for common violations:

Driving without a valid license

There will be a P3,000 fine for drivers driving without a valid driver’s license or conductor’s permit as well as driving with an expired, revoked or suspended license, fake driver’s license, with an inappropriate driver’s license restriction code and classification, with a valid foreign driving license beyond the 90-day maximum allowable period for tourists, and without being accompanied by a duly licensed driver for student permit holders.

Along with the fine, the LTO will also disqualify unlicensed or improperly licensed drivers from acquiring a driver’s license and driving a motor vehicle for one year after the payment of the fine.

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Not carrying driver’s license while driving

Drivers who are found driving their motor vehicles without their driver’s license, certificate of registration (CR), or official receipt (OR) must pay a P1,000 fine. Note that this is different from driving without a valid license. Not carrying a driver’s license means a driver may have a license but failed to bring it while he was driving.

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Not wearing helmet

Motorcycle drivers caught may pay a maximum of P10,000 fine if they fail to wear standard protective motorcycle helmets or if they fail to require their back riders to wear the same.

For the first offense, they will pay P1,500; P3,000 for the second; P5,000 for the third; and P10,000 for the fourth and succeeding offenses.

It will also cover the following instances: wearing a helmet with fake Philippines standard, fake import commodity clearance (IIC) sticker, and riding a moving motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

Not wearing seatbelt

The LTO will fine the drivers with P1,000 for first offense if they allow children under six years old to sit on the front passenger seat. The second offense is P2,000, and P5,000 for the third.

The driver’s license will be suspended for one week from their payment of the fine.

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Meanwhile, there is also a P3,000 fine if the drivers fail to require their passengers to wear the prescribed seatbelt. As well as if the PUV drivers fail to post signage on the front seat instructing their passengers to wear seatbelts.

The PUV driver and the operator will pay a P3,000 fine for every violation.

Unregistered motor vehicle

Drivers who are found driving an unregistered motor vehicle will pay a P10,000 fine.

The fine also covers drivers who drive an improperly registered motor vehicle or a motor vehicle with expired, revoked, suspended, or invalid registration, as well as with unregistered or fake substitute or replacement engine, engine block, or chassis.

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And if the violation or non-registration has exceeded for a month, the LTO personnel will impound the vehicle until the driver registered it and pay the fines and penalties.

Meanwhile, for the undocumented engines, the agency will also confiscate, impound, and bar the vehicle for a year from the payment of the fines.

Driving under influence of alcohol, drugs

Drivers who will be found driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or similar substances in accordance with Section 12 of RA 10586, or the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013, will suffer from confiscation and suspension.

The transportation office will confiscate and suspend non-professional driver’s license for 12 months after payment of the appropriate fines and penalties on the first conviction.

Meanwhile, for the second conviction, there will be a perpetual revocation of the said license. And for drivers holding professional driver’s license, the LTO will confiscate and revoke the license on the first conviction.

Reckless driving

A minimum of P2,000 fine will be imposed on drivers driving a motor vehicle with an improper, expired, revoked, suspended registration, and with an unregistered or fake substitute or replacement engine, engine block, or chassis.

The LTO personnel will fine these drivers for P2,000 in the first offense, P3,000 for the second, and P10,000 for subsequent offenses.

They will also suspend the driver’s license for three months for the second violation, six months for the third violation, and revoke the license for the succeeding offense.

For drivers with revoked non-professional driver’s license, they will be disqualified from being granted a new license for two years.

Driving a vehicle used in  a commission of a crime

There will be a P10,000 fine to those drivers who will drive a motor vehicle to commit a crime as well as in the commission of a crime in the course of apprehension.

The penalty of using a motor vehicle in the commission of a crime is that upon conviction, the LTO will confiscate and revoke the driver’s license. They would also perpetually disqualify the driver for having a driver’s license and for driving a motor vehicle.

Meanwhile, in the course of apprehension, the LTO will confiscate and revoke the driver’s license upon the conviction of the driver. The will also disqualify the driver for being granted a driver’s license for five years from the payment date of the fines and penalties.

The agency will impound the vehicle until there is an order of release after the payment of appropriate fines and penalties.

To avoid paying these penalties, drivers must learn to be responsible when going for a drive.

For the complete list, check out the official website of LTO.

Source: LTO website


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