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Epik app takes Filipino celebrities on a nostalgic trip

By: - October 03, 2023

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Remember the days of scrunchies, turbans, and mini skirts?

The 90’s feel is strong today on the internet and not because of NSYNC’s latest reunion, but because of the app called “Epik.”

The Epik app is taking the country by storm, allowing users to create their very own artificial intelligence (AI)-powered 90’s yearbook.

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The filter is called AI 90’s yearbook.

Cool, right?

In fact, some of our favorite Filipino celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon.

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Let’s see their entries.

First on the list is the dance empress, Yassi Pressman.

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In her Instagram post she writes, “oooooooo…. I had to try this AI thing?! mej scary mga sizt, di ko rin kamuka most but these are some of my picks! what do you guys think??? ako, yung last pa yung favorite ko! 🤣 kayo?”

Next, we have Miss World 2013, Megan Young. She said that she had really curly hair back in high school and the looks were not so far from her real looks before.

One of the most known child stars,  Camille Prats called her entry “Princess Sarah: Highschool edition 😆.”

Cebuana vlogger, Kryz Uy-Young had a couple of times trying out the filter because she said she had so much fun reminiscing about the looks.

Another Cebuana celebrity, Miss Universe 2021 top five Beatrice Luigi Gomez, made a comparison between her AI 90s look with her real high school look.

And an honorary mention on this list is Filipino vlogger and influencer, Bretman Rock.

“Yalll I’m DYING 🤣😂😂😂 who are these people 😭, like girl I can’t believe I paid twice for this, Miss.AI can’t comprehend my beauty I guess lol…And why do they all look like how I imagined my sisters kids to look grown,” read his caption.


It’s no surprise that Filipino celebrities are embracing this Epik App with open arms.

This AI-generated 90s yearbook photos on social media is making everyone excited to join in the fun.

Do you have your entries?


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